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  1. I don't always report people. But when I do, they get banned for sure.


    Their tears are delicious.


    And mind you, these are just the ones in the new list before they reworked the report system a few months ago. Otherwise this list would have 36 entries and 36 out of 36 of those reports had the perpetrator banned as the outcome.



    Don't poke a dragon with a truck. You'll end up burned and banned from life!



    But in all seriousness, though... may this be a lesson for everyone who likes to break rules and for those who have problems with these people breaking rules on your face. Collect the appropriate evidence and file a report if the incident is actually worth it. It does work if you do it right.


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Hmm, I see! I thought the admin had to inform the system who's the admin claiming the report.

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  2. Stupid irresponsible drivers...


    On my way back home a few minutes ago, just a few blocks away, I crossed a intersection that has traffic lights on all sides. The light was green for me so I carried on. "Thinking" the path was clear, a guy in a pick-up truck who had the light red for him accelerated and crossed the red light just as I was passing in front of him. Thank God that imbecile hit his brakes in time so he didn't crash into my car. But did he stop there? Nope! After I was out of his way he bolted off.


    Some people may think it is fine and ok to cross a red light, that you can do it just fine because there is no one passing but it isn't fine! You never know if or when another vehicle is gonna come. Your stupid mistake may cause serious problems to other people and yourself. In some cases it may even cost your life. Do not cross red lights, ever! For the sake of everyone. You are not the king of the road and you are definitely not alone out there. You can't F7+Enter or respawn in real life.

    1. KaizerNO


      Haha, maybe he was a speedkido who thought the real life is like ETS or ATS :D Had a similar occurance as well today in a "lighted" intersection where there was a bus from the left which had a green light and from his left there was an ambulance with sirens and lights coming. The bus saw the ambulance and thought he could make in time, but nooo, the ambulance driver probably haven't braked harder than he did there almost smashing right into the side of the bus. Strange enough there was a police officer coming to the opposit of the bus and stopped the bus driver and gave him a ticket for not giving free way. People now a days, glad you're ok :)  

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I swear, it's like some of these people simply buy their license with 0 instruction instead of studying and earning it.


      Thanks. :)

  3. My ping is normal and my internet connection is stable and not having any issues, currently and yet I keep on losing connection to the server for some reason. It simply says the connection has been broken. What gives?! Anyone else experiencing any problems, currently? In particular with ATS's EU#2.

    1. RadioactivePotato


      Same problem with ATS. It just disconnects, and i dont have any applications
       that use my connection too much :/

    2. Empirekicking


      Same, good ping and great fast internet, however still lagging on a low end computer

    3. Hammer1055


      It might be a packet overflow server side and it's dropping connections just long enough for the software to terminate connection? I don't know these servers very well but that's a maybe.


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  4. For whatever reason I decided to change my license plates from "MIKEDRGON" (ETS2) and "MIKDRGN" (ATS) to simply "DRAGON".


    I'll roll with it for a while, see if I like it or if I'll change my mind and decide to change back to the old plates.

  5. Dis gon be good game.


  6. I don't mean to imply anything but it's the second time in less than 30 minutes that a woman driver crashes into my truck for no reason. First was this lady in a W900 who turned into me as I was passing by a intersection and then there was this other ace in a Pete who hit me on the side as I turned right on a red light (FYI, the path was clear for me to turn and I began doing it way before she showed up).

    1. stilldre1976


      Lol you wearing lynx spray or something? :lol: bow chicka wow wow!!!

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  7. Yus!! Got my free country flags DLC! -3-

  8. I don't like the new horns on ATS. Neither do I like the airhorn. It sounds so electronic! Welp... better get used to it!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Yup I agree, its better then noting though but no where near as good as the air horns and horns (Scania horn anyway) in ETS2 

  9. This here I don't love, though.


    1. SlavaH


      Rip both of you,

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      I know that. Already reported him minutes after the incident. I was just sharing the video. (Just gotta keep on waiting for an admin to review the report.) Thanks, though.

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  10. I love this.


  11. So turns out that you can go on the water with a car. Some spots that are normally inaccessible to trucks are accessible to cars because of their reduced size and lack of invisible walls and through these spots you can drive into the outer map. Though by doing that you are violating the server's rules.


    I do wonder, however, if driving into enclosed areas such as a garage or terrain would also qualify as "out of the boundaries". After all, there are quite a few spots that are inaccessible to trucks (but that are accessible to cars) but they aren't technically out of the boundaries.


    There is this spot in Bastow near the repair shop, for example, that is a terrain enclosed by fences on all four sides with only one narrow entrance. A truck cannot fit through there but a car can do it just fine. And it is right next to the road.


    I wish the world of ETS2/ATS was more open so we could freely explore more of it away from the roads. It would be neat. Kind of like what you'd find in King of the Road. Though I can imagine some imbecile would find a way to cause all sorts of havoc if such thing were possible. Griefers always find a way to ruin everyone's fun.

    1. mutlob


      If it is accessible by normal driving, it is technically allowed if my interpretation of the rule is correct.

  12. Every single time I play on EU#2 (mostly on ETS2) I am reminded why I don't like it. -_-

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Makes for some great videos though :D 


    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      The only reason why I put up with all the BS EU#2 throws on my face every time I set my wheels on it. :\

  13. I'm on my work hours but there is no work to do at the moment. I feel like driving a little on MP but there's very few people on the ATS servers. :( I guess ETS2 will have to do. :(

  14. I love the challenges ATS throws at the player when it comes to parking the trailer!


  15. May 26th. Happy birthday to me.

    1. eireluke


      Happy Birthday :3

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  16. Another day... another scrub...


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      I don't remember the month but it was back in 2014 (either middle or first half of 2014). It's already been two years! Wow. How time goes by fast! :o

    2. mutlob


      Fun! I got into watching some of your videos, very nicely made. I'm subscriber 2403, ahaha. :D 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you so much! :D

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  17. People like this are the reason I hate playing on EU#2. Sure, imbeciles are everywhere but on EU#2 they can abuse the limitless speed to cause greater trouble. Such as this <insult of your choice here>.


    1. FirestarteR93


      ^You just reminded me that I forgot to report a guy - ty <3

  18. On June 3rd, 2015 it was said that rigids are alive. But my question is... are they still alive?





    I wish SCS would give us any news about it. :c It's been so long now.

    1. videogamer


      @RootKiller might know but i doubt he will tell us anything

    2. Puncake


      Wheres the patience ...... 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      The patience is here and fine. I am just wondering. It's not like I'm all like, "ERMEGHERD RELASE TEH RIGIDS ALREADY PLS!!!". lol

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  19. Trip to Rotterdam went better than expected. But that's not to say it was flawless. :\ Everything was fine until I left the repair shop after I arrived in the city. I looked both sides and it was clear to cross the street to head to the garage but then, out of the blue, a car came out of nowhere and hit me on the side. He must've been doing at least 70 KM/h.

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      yea that happens to me all the time  lol 

  20. I haven't been to Rotterdam/Europport ever since ATS was released. In fact, I have barely touched ETS2 since. Though since at this exact moment most players are on ETS2's EU#2 and I need some footage for my series (and cars got permission to pass through Europoort), I am considering to grab my Skoda and venture there to see what's going on. Very likely that I will regret this decision but I am tempted to. I'd rather venture through Oxnard, though, but there aren't many people on ATS, right now. :\

    1. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai


      heres mine with a car that cuts in front and i crash into it because their game crashed...

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      That was very unfortunate. D: I've had it happen to me a couple times. It's quite unpleasant.

    3. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      yea it's ok tho i have tons of money :D

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  21. Albeit a little late, here's something I've been saying I was going to upload since last week.


    1. FirestarteR93


      7:15 - Do it again pls

    2. FirestarteR93


      ik, but looking how the guy broke the physics only to crash in you makes me happy <3 xDDD

  22. I fear the hard drive I run Steam and all my games from is dying. Just shortly ago ATS froze and a bunch of unexpected behaviours began to manifest. All drives but this one are being accessed fine and quickly, Windows is running fine and files stored on the other drives are available normally. Only the content in this drive is acting up. Slow access, freezing, Steam games won't launch or download and Steam itself gave me a error while trying to update a game saying that there was a disk write error. :\


    Thankfully all I have there is basically Steam and its games so if the hard drive does die the loss shouldn't be great. There are, however, one particular folder I can't lose in there. It's big (over 77GB so that's why I've been keeping it there) and I will have to figure out where to transfer it to while I can. :(


    it's going to be a big issue if I have to buy a new hard drive. Because if the crisis in my country, prices are currently all the way up through the roof and I don't have the budget for it. ;-;


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      There is, however, one particular folder*





      It should be possible to edit these status posts. Seriously. :\

    2. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86

      i wonder what could possibly be in that folder


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      @Takumi Fujiwara The backup of the server files, world and plugins of the Minecraft server I'm admin on.

  23. Driving down that narrow little road near San Francisco on my way to the city (I love that little road <3) I came a cross a little car stuck on a rock on the side of the road next to the rest stop on a hill. His wheels would not grip because they could not touch the ground. Who knows he got stuck there. He asked for help while I was driving by and although I could simply say "F7+Enter, dude" as I probably should have I decided to be a good Samaritan and do my kindness gesture of the day. I pulled up at the rest stop, asked what was the situation and offered to give him a push. He accepted so I detached my trailer at the rest stop so it wouldn't block any traffic if there happened to have any, drove down to the car and gently pushed the thing back into the road. He thanked, I responded and each followed our paths.


    It was fun. :) I love being nice. lol

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      P.S: Remember that in a few months, Santa! Not that I want anything and such, y'know. >.>

    2. MegadethSteve666


      this sounds so much like something that happened to me going back a month or so ago, same stretch of road, I was heading up the winding section with the cliffs either side, until I came across a guy who looked to have tried to avoid oncoming traffic, but slid off the side and down into the valley below, I should have said to him "F7 + enter" and driven on, but I decided to pull forward a little and asked him if he wanted help, he said yes so I went to the rest area, dropped my trailer out of everyone's way, spun around and dived off the side of the road, careful not to roll myself, then got behind him and used low gears to push his truck up onto the road enough that he could get grip, as soon as we made some headway and he got a little grip, enough to pull slowly forward, his truck ran out of fuel, so sadly he had to F7, but it was fun to actually try and rescue someone and do something nice for others.


      The 162 is always a bad stretch of road if you go too fast.

    3. belmemes

    1. jukeboxknox


      Thats a good video, enjoyed commentary.

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