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  1. Guys, could you give me your opinion on this -potential- report evidence, please?



    I want to report this guy but I am concerned he might be "protected" by the argument of desync. In a way, I do think it could be plausible to a certain degree, but if there indeed was a desync issue, how come his truck was moving so smoothly on my screen (as well as all others in town)? And even if there was desync, I find it very hard to believe that it was so bad on his end that my truck wasn't even showing on his screen.


    As you can see, the guy simply shoved me away! And he did honk at me before I reached the exit so he knew I was there.


    Anyway, what do you folks think? Worth a report?

    1. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86


      it is definitely not that

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      Thanks, man. I think I've heard about NCZ hack before but I don't actually know how it works. Is that really a thing?


      @Takumi Fujiwara

      Yup... you're not the first one to address my profile ID. lol

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Well, report filed. Unlike my other reports I am not too confident this one will go through but let's see what happens. Thanks for the input, everyone. :)

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  2. I just finished watching the Game Grumps play through "Playdead's Inside". That ending...


  3. My copy of Super Mario Maker has arrived today! And I just made a level. Very simple stuff. Easy to beat. Give it a go and let me know what you think. :3 51F7-0000-0285-D5E3

    Bear in mind this is my first try at this.

  4. Something really weird just happened on ATS's US#1 server. At 6:46 AM, time suddenly reverted to 6:13 AM. O-o I have proof!


  5. Defend Natalya (Goldeneye 007 for the Wii) is a very annoying mission. Those goons just won't stop coming and shooting from absolutely everywhere! And the worst is that there's no place to strategically hide for cover.

  6. Okay, so picture this... it's a piece of road where overtaking is allowed. The Scania ahead of you is driving slowly. You don't have a trailer and the Scania indicates once that you can overtake it. You see the road ahead is clear on the opposite lane so you speed up and go for it but suddenly an incoming truck shows up. You don't have enough speed to make it past the Scania so you are forced to return to your lane so you do so! You hit the brakes to slow down and go back but as you do so, the Scania abruptly swerves into the opposite lane (the one you are on) and cuts you off, forcing you to brake even harder and almost losing control. And because it turned, it's speed dropped just enough to preventing you from changing lanes without hitting it and because you couldn't change lanes in time and the Scania cut you off, the incoming truck is also forced to slow down, even coming to a halt. And then he calls you an idiot despite the fact that if the Scania (who initially told you could overtake) hadn't blocked you off, you could have safely returned to your lane before the other truck would even need to slow down.

    1. Leff12345


      I would call that picture "just a bad day" :P


    2. smitty436


      i'd say thats a normal day even in real life lol......two nights ago im aprouching a junction to my left my right of way..wagon is on the right waiting to turn across my path and a wagon in  the junction wait to turn his right across my path again...they both decide to cut me up caught up with the driver at the hub and i'm called a dick for not letting them go in the first place when reaction time i had 400 yrds....you can never win with idiots mike 

    3. JeffSFC


      Sounds like a reckless driving offence to me on the part of that player.

  7. So, I booted up my copy of 007 Goldeneye for the Wii on my Wii U to play a little (been quite a while since the last time I played this game) and, before I began, just for the lols, I decided to go on the online multiplayer to see what would happen. After all, in case you do not remember/know, the Nintendo Network has been shutdown about two years ago, so I got curious to know what sort of message I would get for attempting to connect and play this game online. And you know what? It worked!! O_o And there's quite some people still playing Goldeneye! :o

    I was like...

    But happy, nonetheless! :D The easy explanation for this "miracle" should be simple, though: Goldeneye's online functionalities run on its own developer's systems instead of GameSpy's, as it was with Nintendo's. Neat!

  8. Last Crashes Compilation came out about a week ago and I should be doing the next one this weekend, though I probably won't be until the next week. I've other things I need to attend to. So, just to be nice I will leave here a few report videos that haven't been shown in any episode before for you to enjoy. So, enjoy!


    P.S: The people featured in these report videos have been banned. c:






  9. Quick question regarding the following rule:


    Bullying/Harrassment - Ban

    Leaving abusive comments on report videos and otherwise continually harrassing users.


    I had a guy who I got banned leave a couple insults on the report video that got him banned. Where do I file a report for that? Should I use the default report system on the site or is there another method for this kind of report?

    1. Penguin


      Mike. when it happened to me, I sent a forum PM to the admin who banned the user

      Their ban was extended to 7th August for it


      It might be best to do it ASAP, as it took a day or 2 for the admins to take action

      But they did it fast once I nudged them a bit about it :P 

    2. Penguin


      Include a link to the original report though in your PM, so they can link them quicker :) 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Sounds good. I PM'd the admin. Let's see what happens. Thanks. :)

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  10. My reports got three people banned in less than 24 hours.

    I am happy. -3-

  11. Last night I was passing through Barstow (on US#1) when I decided to do a quick stop at the local repair shop to tend to my car. At the parking lot of the facility was a group of Mexican players hanging out, just chilling and minding their own business, but there was this one kid in a pink truck who, for whatever reason, decided to harass them with racist, xenophobic and homophobic phrases (which I won't quote here for obvious reasons). The group was upset, passing players (who seemed to be American) were upset, and even I was a little upset by his behavior. What a little prick!


    Now, guess who was recording, caught his ID and filed a report? c:


    Oh, and he won't be playing on multiplayer for a couple weeks now, thanks to my report and our good admin, @JeffSFC, who quickly (and properly) handled the report. Thanks man! :)

    1. JeffSFC


      Thanks for taking the time to do the report Mike. I was shocked by how that kid was acting. So much so that I went to Clark and asked him which of the ban options I had come up with would be good enough for this incident.

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I'm always happy to help put out scrubs of commission!:)

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I think I messed up the order of words. lol


      I meant to say "help put scrubs out of commission". XD

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  12. Remember a couple weeks ago when I said I had just made myself R$ 1321.53 poorer? Well, here's why:


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I know. But what can I do? I'm stuck in this dumb dump until God knows when.

    2. videogamer


      :o i just did a conversion of 100 USD to R$ and the conversion was  R$ 326.52

    3. Mike Dragon
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  13. Welp.. Legends of Equestria's last OSW has ended, sadly. I guess it's back to normal life for me, now.


    How boring.

  14. Truck Simulators Multiplayer Crashes Compilation 25 is out!


  15. How often/quickly does feedback e-mails get read/handled? Do they ever? Is the feedback e-mail the best (if not only) way to file a complaint against an admin, for example? Or would that still be by messaging Clark?

    1. ThisIsAlex


      Your emails will be read in due time. I don't have access to it, but it's likely that there are quite a lot of messages that get sent there a day.

    2. Guest


      Last I heard there was a bit of a backlog of emails. But CM's and PM's both deal with that stuff now.

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I see!


      I mostly just wanted to know the average time it takes for the messages to be checked and how effective it is.Thanks, guys!

  16. Ok, so quick notice to anyone who messages me to send their videos for the series: I don't normally reply to submission messages but I do check them all! So please don't think that I am ignoring you. Because I am not!


    Also, I do take a while to open each PM but not because I am ignoring them (again, I don't ignore anyone) but because I like keeping them unread until the time of a new video. That way I can make sure I won't forget to check them (after all, the notification will remain visible to remind me. And mind you, I am quite forgetful).


    So yeah. Submission PMs are not replied but they are checked. ;)

  17. I've done it. I've just made myself R$ 1321.53 poorer. Now I just have to wait a few days and hope it was worth it. More details in the future.

    1. Cyrusj


      Need more details..... :P

    2. Cyrusj


      Yeah my thought was a PC

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      A vehicle or PC? lol guys... you clearly don't know how expensive things are in Brazil, do you? XD You can't afford either of those with mere R$ 1300+ in here. lol I will say what is it once it is delivered.

  18. So, about that last report of mine that got declined in LESS THAN ONE MINUTE after it was registered... the video evidence alone is 1:38 minutes long, the report was registered at 17:37 and closed down at 17:38, which means the admin (whose name I won't mention) spent less than one minute reviewing it and couldn't possibly be giving a single bit of attention to it. He closed it down as declined and said "no ban reason". Well, I called BS on that, filed a complaint and remade the report, asking for another another to review it and give it proper attention as all other admins have ever done with my reports and guess what? The job was properly done this time. The report was properly reviewed by an admin doing his job right. The report was accepted as it should have been. Thank you @MrHarv . You da man! ;)

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      Unlikely. I messaged him directly to ask about it and he simply ignored, which leads me to believe he was well aware of it. Besides, like I said, less than one minute is not enough time to do anything. He simply glanced over the text (if he even attempted to read it at all) and decided to decline it. And if he did "get confused", then it was his duty to verify things before taking action or rectify his mistake. Besides, at the time of the event, I talked to a few other users and I learned from them that I wasn't the only one who have had a report unfairly declined by the same admin.


      But whatever. What is done is done. I've made my complaint and the report was properly handled this time. I am satisfied. :)

    2. Mike Dragon
    3. ClownPrince


      Indeed, at least it's done now :)

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  19. Ok, so here's a tip for everyone:


    DO NOT STOP YOUR VEHICLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING ROAD! Parking spots and the hard shoulder exist for a reason!


    And above all... NEVER Alt+Tab while moving. NEVER!

    1. videogamer


      lemme guess someone alt+tabbed in front of you?

    2. _Pingu_


      ^^ i hate it when they do that.But they dont know im running this baby for when it happens 


  20. Got my car's clutch fully repaired today. Now it's all good to go. :)

  21. Long day of work, lots of stuff to do and yet I couldn't manage to finish it all. It is now 8:05 PM and only now I could get home. It was already past 6PM when I was driving back home, going down the street heading outside the downtown area when upon stepping on the clutch and shifting into 3rd gear after a speed bump, the clutch cable snapped and the pedal plunged onto the floor, leaving me stuck on 3rd gear downhill. Thank God, though, there was a bunch of free parking spots on my right so since I was already driving on the right lane/slow lane, I simply had to apply the brakes and pull up. To prevent the gearbox from taking any damage from the engine's rotation as I stopped the car I shutdown the engine as it came to a full stop. I am not sure that's how I was supposed to do it but better safe than sorry!

  22. I will now go to bed but not before leaving this here for you, folks.


    1. Smalley


      Rest In Pepperoni

  23. I'm just gonna leave this video here and head to bed. Good night, everyone!


    1. Hey_Wtf


      @Mike Dragon Whatever you are on give me some :P

    2. DerAmpelmann


      I have so many questions... :mellow:

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Only the good stuff!

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  24. FYI, the production of Crashes Compilation 25 is currently in progress.

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