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  1. Today I am trying to finish the World of Trucks Christmas event on American Truck Simulator. If possible, by the end of the stream I might even check some game reports, too! Join me!




  2. I'm super tired but let's draw a blep!




  3. Merry Christmas! I'm super tired and I just woke up, so today's Chill Art Sunday will start with a small 30 minutes delay. So join me later today at 2:30 PM (eastern time) and let's draw a blep!


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it!


  4. It's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas. Enjoy this song as a little gift from me to you. 😄


    1. [SG-Team]-Tao-COO


      Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas

    2. OnurBey.


      Hello @Mike Dragon
      Thanks for this beautiful new year song. :LUL: :love:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  5. As suggested on yesterday's stream, I won't be streaming the Gaming Friday today. It's almost time to start it but I am still too busy cleaning the house for Christmas and cannot be done in time. 


    Merry Christmas and follow me on Twitch to catch all future streams! 


  6. Today is Thursday and I am late, but that won't stop me from doing the stream that should have happened yesterday. So join me now and let's deliver Christmas presents on American Truck Simulator! And maybe as a bonus, if possible, we can check some game reports on TruckersMP!




  7. Due to several errands I had to run today and in part due to our preparations for Christmas, I won't be able to be back home in time for today's stream. For this reason, until further notice, today's stream is being pushed to tomorrow, Thursday 22nd, 6PM eastern time, and I should play ATS


    Follow me on Twitch to catch it! https://www.twitch.tv/mike_dragon/


    1. Vicc.


      Alrighty! Maybe I will stop by tomorrow :HaulieExcited:

  8. What's chiller than a lovely rainy Sunday with your cats napping close by? Other than me having awoken just minutes ago and being barely awake, all is set for a lovely Chill Art Sunday, so join me!




  9. Join me for an unscheduled stream right now and let's feed cookies to the dead on Phasmophobia!




  10. Join me now for tonight's Gaming Friday and let's see what's new and in store for us on Phasmophobia's Christmas update!




  11. It's December, TruckersMP has brought back winter mod and I installed it. For the first time in three years, with ice physics, too. What could possibly go wrong!? Join me for tonight's WedTruckSim on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and let's find out!




  12. Hey, guess what? I'm on Inkblot, now! Follow me there!



    1. blabberbeak


      I've never heard of Inkblot before.

      Thanks for sharing!

  13. It's a lovely rainy Sunday, my cat Scribble is napping next to me and I want to draw some snow, so join me now for today's Chill Art Sunday!




  14. For no other reason than because my mother is an <heavy insult here> on purpose, there will be no Gaming Friday stream, today. I was going to play Phasmophobia.


    Follow me on Twitch to catch future streams when they happen.


  15. Starting now, join me at for tonight's WedTruckSim, where today I am finally doing game moderation on TruckersMP (aka, "Admin" Stream)!




  16. Starting one hour late today, join me at 7 PM (eastern) for tonight's WedTruckSim, where today I will finally be doing moderation (aka, "Admin" Stream)!




    1. ash.exe


      you always stream wayyyyy too late for me :madge:

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Time zones, man. ;-;

  17. The Chill Art Sunday is back, I had very little sleep last night but I'll draw some balls and a couple other new things. Join me!




  18. These ghosts are blocker than I remember. Join me now for tonight's Gaming Friday and Phasmophobia in Minecraft (Bedrock)!




  19. First of all I do apologize for my absolute silence for the past couple weeks. You have no idea how overly stressed out I've been these past couple weeks. So overwhelmed that I had to involuntarily "shutdown" myself with no warning. For that reason I have not streamed since last 18th of November and even then I had already missed a few streams before that. Physically I am still alive, however. But I am still not going to be streaming today (Wednesday). I was debating whether or not to resume my stream schedules today as I feel less bad, but I am really not yet in the mood for it. Not enough. I have not yet given up on streaming, but life is taking a heavy toll on me, sufficiently to drain all my will for everything.


    Having said that, I do want to be streaming again ASAP. I miss it and the Chill Art Sunday is my favorite stream show. I hope I will be feeling better by this next Friday (Dec. 2nd), at least sufficiently to host my livestreams again. So if I can, I want to be playing either one of the following on the next Gaming Friday: 


    - Zombies Ate My Neighbors Total Conversion (It's Zombies Ate My Neighbors but remade inside DOOM)
    - Pokémon Emerald (resume the playthrough I started on this game on-stream a few months ago)
    - Minecraft Phasmophobia (Bedrock version)
    - Pokémon Legends Arceus (emulated, however. Quite the RAM hog, though 16GB is barely enough for it and that is all I got. This would be the very first time I play this game)
    - Star Fox
    - Star Fox EX
    - Pokémon X (I'd start a fresh playthrough exclusively for the Gaming Friday streams)
    - Phasmophobia


    So, fancy any of those games? Fancy accompanying me playing through them? Follow me on Twitch to catch them.


  20. People wanting to play Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, but meanwhile, even though I am fully broke, my wish list be like:


  21. If you don't feel nostalgia for this tune, then you are not old enough to talk about nostalgia. There, I said it.



  22. So, no Chill Art Sunday today, as you surely must already have noticed. I am sorry for that. I did not even post anything to say I wouldn't stream today. Truth is, I have a lot going on. I hate missing a stream (especially C.A.S. It's my favorite) but more and more it's become unavoidable, lately. And not due to my will. I will try to make other unscheduled streams soon to try and make up for it.


    Follow me on Twitch to catch those and other future streams.


    1. ClemTruck.


      No problem, I understand you

  23. The title of the video says it all.


    Happy Caturday!

  24. Join me now on tonight's Gaming Friday for part 2 of my playthrough of Stray, the cat game!





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