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  1. I don't believe you can obtain that file, anymore, given that it was exclusive for the Real Operations 7 event, which has already happened last month. Therefore, the file is no longer actually necessary and thus, isn't distributed, anymore. I am not sure why you are getting that error when launching the mod, but you can try uninstalling it then manually deleting the TruckersMP folder that might be left present in the C:\ProgramFiles directory. Once that is done, install it again and see if the error continues. If it does, I recommend you make a support ticket over at https://truckersmp.com/support

  2. Unfortunately, the GM team cannot accompany every single player at all times to act as their "guardian angel". We wish we could, but we are only human. We can't, and currently there is no way to "shield" anyone (closest thing are the arcade servers, which have no collision all across the map). That is not to say I don't understand your frustration, however. I do. I've been in your shoes, I know well what it is like. And I apologize for it. We do our job as best as we can to keep our servers free from griefers and we also trust our players will be obeying the rules they have agreed with when they signed up for TMP., but sometimes some people don't, and when they don't, well, it's unfortunate and things like what you described happen. I'll try to explain how reporting these bad players work and I'll try to keep it as short as I can so hopefully you can have a better time on our servers.


    When a GM is around a given incident and he/she sees when it happens, action will normally be taken against whoever has broken the rules right away, be it through a verbal warning, kick or a ban, whichever is applicable at the time for the specific offense committed. If a GM isn't nearby and thus, can't see what has happened, it is up to the player who was affected by the offense or another nearby player to make a report so the player who broke the rules can be punished accordingly. This can happen in two ways, though one is more effective than the other, being these ways the "in-game report" and the "web report". I'll go over them.


    In-Game Report


    This is when you are still connected to a server and report someone using the Tab menu. You select the player you want to report, the report reason(s) and click on "Report". This action will make the server "record" the last two minutes of movement data prior to the moment you created the report, and store it as a replay demo. This "movement data" works pretty much the same way replays in games such as Rocket League, Team Fortress 2, Mario Kart, etc. do. No actual video is recorded but rather, the server remembers all the movements of all the players in a radius of around 600 meters around you and recreates all of that as a replay. This type of report (in-game) is temporary, however. Once 50 of them are present in the system, the server will automatically start deleting older reports as they become 10 minutes old or more. When that happens, you get the message that no action was taken. In order to avoid that, a Game Moderator must be present in the server and available to claim that report in up to 10 minutes after it is created. Due to the high load of reports being created every minute, sometimes it is hard to get them all in time, so they unfortunately end up expiring. Though when one is claimed, the GM is able to watch a replay of the moment you reported, with the ability to pause, fast forward, skip through parts of the playback, move the camera to watch from any angle, etc. If the GM sees rules were indeed broken, he/she will apply the required punishment to whoever has broken the rules at that time. If a GM can't claim the report in time, however, it expires and is deleted automatically after 10 minutes (if there are 50 reports already in the system, otherwise it will sit idle until the 50 cap is reached or a GM is available to claim it).


    Web Report


    This is when you head over to https://truckersmp.com/reports and make a report on TMP's website. These reports never expire and they are always reviewed by our team of Game Moderators. These reports, however, require that you, the player, provide the evidence. And this is where recording your play sessions come into play as in most cases, a video of the incident you are reporting is necessary so the GM can see what happened and who did what and how. So yes, you do need to record the game in order to use the web report system. Do bear in mind, however, that sometimes it may take a few days until your report is checked by someone. Since GMs work in a first-in-first out fashion, older reports are dealt with first. Because there are many reports being created every minute, sometimes this process can take some time. But rest assured, every single report is checked in due time. Not one is ignored or deleted.


    There are many ways to record the game and you don't necessarily need to record 100% of it at all times. Players with a GTX series NVidia graphics card have free access to the ShadowPlay software, which when configured appropriately, can only record the last few seconds or minutes of game footage upon the press of a button (I use it, myself. I have mine set to record the last 2:30 minutes so whenever I press the button to save a clip, it creates a 2:30 minutes long video and only that. Nothing else). Players without access to this software still have other choices, though. FRAPS (as you mentioned, though personally I don't recommend it), Mirilis Action! (paid software), Debut Video Capture, OBS Studio (free and quite good) and many others. Most of them now offer a buffer replay (same as ShadowPlay) so you don't need to record at all times and end up having a bunch of heavy videos taking up space in your hard drive. If you do record everything, however, well, you can still get around it by simply going over the footage you recorded and deleting anything that isn't relevant after your play session. Actually, back in the day, I used to do that, myself. I'd use Action and at the time, it still didn't have a replay buffer function, so I'd have to manually record everything (this was before I became GM, of course). The way I'd do it was by hitting record whenever there was someone nearby and then stopping the recording if there was nobody. Then once I was done playing, I'd simply delete all the videos from that play session, unless there was something I wanted to keep for a reason or another, in which case I'd look for which clip had the footage I wanted and then simply delete the rest. It is a bit of a daunting thing to do, I won't lie, but it works and gets the job done until you can use a better method.


    I apologize for the long text. I hope I have solved your doubts. If not, please feel free to ask away! Either me or another GM/user will gladly respond.  dragonnod1.gif?1 And of course, welcome to TruckersMP! dragonhug.gif?1

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  3. Você tem que criar um apelo, Herbert. Postar sobre isso aqui no forum não vai resolver nada. A única maneira de ter este banimento revisto e solicitar a evidência é criando um apelo no site, pois apenas o GM que te baniu pode tratar desse assunto, e apenas através do sistema de apelos: https://truckersmp.com/appeals Não existe outra alternativa.

  4. I don't really see why you are so concerned about this. All you need to do is obey the rules and you'll be fine. It's not hard. We have members in TruckersMP who have been around since the mod started back in May 2014, they have never joined the staff and they still have 0 bans in their profile despite playing every single day. If they can do it, so can you.


    But to answer your question... Well, I cannot really tell you. But you should obey all the rules. Ban history cannot be removed. It can only age. It exists for a reason, you know. Just obey the rules and you won't have to worry with being banned. Piece of cake.

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  5. Simples. Digite:


    /pm <ID> <Mensagem>

    Sendo "/pm" o comando, "<ID>" a ID atual da pessoa no servidor para quem você quer mandar uma mensagem privada, seguido da mensagem em questão.




    /pm 3216 Vai pegar carga pra onde?



    Depois que você receber a resposta do jogador 3216, você pode mandar outra mensagem para ele simplesmente usando o comando /r ao invés de /pm.



    /pm 3216 Vai pegar carga pra onde?

    TibúrcioVargas (3216): Para Medford.

    /r Blz, posso ir também?

    TibúrcioVargas (3216): Pode! Me encontre na oficina.

    /r Jóia. Já chego lá. Vlw!



    Utilize /help para ver a lista completa de comandos que você pode utilizar in-game.

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  6. Well, first of all, post about this sort of stuff here on the forums doesn't get anything solved. Secondly, I can assure you that your feedback ticket has not been ignored. It will be answered by one of the folks in charge of that sometime soon. However, you do need to bear in mind that feedback tickets do sometimes take a while to get answered. This is a community that has over 2 million users and a large portion of those users send feedback tickets almost on a daily basis so it is only normal that sometimes it may take some time for upper staff to manage to go through it all. Besides, they work on a "first in-first out" manner. That is: Older tickets are answered first. So really, it's not that yours have been ignored. Not at all. There's just other tickets ahead of yours. To illustrate it, it's like being in a traffic jam to get onto a ferry at the port. Only those at the front of the jam, which are the ones who arrived there first, will manage to get into the ferry first. Those who just arrived there will be at the end of the jam and thus, will need to wait sometime until it is their turn in line to board the ferry. I understand your frustration, but just be patient, my friend. Your turn will come, soon. ;) 

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  7. A resposta para sua pergunta está na própria screenshot que você postou: "Permanent due to history". Isso quer dizer, "Permanente devido ao histórico". Ou seja... você já foi banido mais de cinco vezes em menos de 12 meses por violar as regras, então a regra 2.9 teve que ser aplicada. Não vou entrar em detalhes sobre esse assunto aqui pois não fui eu quem te baniu (mesmo que fosse, não poderia falar sobre isso aqui) e muito menos este é o lugar para se tratar de tal assunto, mas o que posso te dizer é que em casos assim, quando você é banido, o correto a se fazer é criar um apelo lá no site, se explicando, para que o Moderador que te baniu possa rever seu caso e avaliar se você pode/deve ser desbanido ou não. Apenas o Moderador que te baniu pode fazer algo sobre este ban e única e exclusivamente através do sistema de apelos. Você comentar sobre isso aqui no fórum não vai ter nenhum efeito. Use este link para criar seu apelo, RodPlayer: https://truckersmp.com/appeals Pode escrever em português mesmo. Não tem problema.

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  8. You can't use the ambulance. Maybe if you can manage to convert it to singleplayer you can use it there. Otherwise, you can't. The ambulance, the firetruck and the traffic control van are highly imperfect vehicles at this point and not fully implemented so their usage is extremely limited. So much so that the ambulance and firetruck wouldn't even move on the last event (RO6). Technically speaking, they are not even vehicles of their own.  Only authorized staff members can use them and only on specific occasions, as it has been the case with Real Operation 6 and previously, the Christmas 12 Hours Convoy, where the van first appeared. If any of these vehicles is attempted to be used by someone on multiplayer, the server will automatically kick the person using the vehicle in the same way it kicks someone who tries to use police accessories on their Scout.

  9. Just to add to what Forerunner said above, I do need to remind you that the van is in reality, a Scout. It's been updated from their first version that was used on Christmas (which if you can remember, you could see part of the Scout's body through the windshield) but it's still a Scout. No different from a beach buggy and a VW Beetle, for example. You may swap the body but underneath, they are both the exact same car. Bring ST to MP is a far more complex issue than you can possibly imagine and it's not really all that feasible. We wish it was a simple matter of just "wanting" or not to do it. The scenario Creator, me, Forerunner and Wheezy put up with those trains and the vans was merely a simulation of a special transport haul. Like Fore has already stated, CreatorInDeep and I were driving those vans. It was not the AI. Him and I were talking to coordinate how we would position our vans to simulate what the Special Transport DLC adds to singleplayer, but without an actual cargo from that DLC. The stuff we hauled and escorted was much smaller, in comparison.

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  10. Bom, claramente seu ping está muito alto e instável, constantemente ficando por muito tempo acima de 600ms. Não há muito o que fazer nesse caso, já que isso seria um problema com sua conexão de internet. Use conexão cabeada, certifique-se que não há nenhum download ou upload sendo executado em segundo plano ou que ninguém em sua rede esteja utilizando a conexão, reinicie o modem e roteador e se mesmo assim você continuar a ter problemas, então não vai lhe restar muita alternativa a não ser fazer o que o AirSociety recomendou: Entrar em contato com sua operadora de internet para solicitar que sua conexão seja verificada e possívelmente melhorada.

  11. Not really. Though overtaking on the shoulder is reckless, that's a kickable offense on the most. It will only become bannable and thus, worthy of a report if the player who's using the shoulder to pass another player causes an accident. For example, let's say Player B overtakes you by driving through the shoulder and he rams you as he passes. That's a bannable offense to which I would give 5 days of ban for reckless driving/inappropriate overtaking+ramming. Otherwise, if no collision would have happened in this example and/or no other accident was caused due to Player B's actions, I'd just kick said player.

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  12. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Detach your trailer and leave it somewhere where it doesn't cause any trouble to anyone is allowed, but getting yourself into the road to "help" a stuck player will most likely result in you driving in the wrong way, blocking traffic and most likely, ramming (given the fact that you'll be "bumping" the player in question). And as you should know, any of these is a violation of the rules that could result in your banishment for a certain amount of days (or months if your ban history already exceeds three bans in less than 12 months), especially if an accident is caused because of you for a reason or another.


    If you really want to help someone who's stuck and/or blocking the road because of it, the best thing you can do is remind them that that can/should press F7 to teleport to the nearest repair shop, load a save or quick travel to one of their garages.


    For reference, these are the rules you'd most likely end up breaking, intentionally or not:



    §2.2 - Ramming*

    Causing a collision with another user's vehicle or attempting to cause a collision with their vehicle.


    §2.3 - Blocking*

    Restricting a user's travel path, blocking entrances to highways or other entry points or anything similar.


    §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking*

    Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or Undertaking in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic, overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking on any 1 lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players.


    §2.5 - Inappropriate / Reckless Driving*

    Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden.



    I highly recommend you have a read of all rules: https://truckersmp.com/rules

  13. Nope, it isn't. It violates rule 3.3, which states the following: 


    §3.3 - Car modding


    It is permitted to save edit default trucks' paint jobs on cars. Save editing AI car wheels into the Scout car is also allowed.

    - All wheels must be visible, only AI car wheels can be save edited into the Scout cars, truck wheels aren't allowed.
    - Save edited wheels must fit the car and must be placed correctly. Oversized wheels are not accepted.
    - Any truck part on the car and vice-versa isn't allowed and will result in a kick from the server.
    - Duplicated parts and/or slot use is not permitted.


    You can find this and all other rules as well as some guides regarding save editing of vehicles here: https://truckersmp.com/rules I recommend you read and learn these rules.

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  14. I am not entirely sure you'll manage to get TruckersMP to run under Wine. TMP does not offer support to Linux and though maybe it might be possible to run it, I highly doubt Wine will be able to handle it. I may be wrong but I think your issue there is that the launcher might be looking for file paths that are native to Windows. Not really the file path to the games but rather, some system files. Not too long ago I read something about someone who did manage to get TMP to work on Linux, though I don't remember who it was. Have you tried googling it? I think you might have some luck there.


    @Soul Knight he's asking for assistance with something on Linux, not Windows.

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  15. Technically, the truck coming down from the ramp had the right of way. Pause at 00:01 and you'll see that you had a give way/yield sign, meaning that you should have stopped and given way to that truck.



    Bear in mind that when playing MP you have to abide to the traffic rules of the country in which you are driving at in the game. As such, under European law (and law from all countries that use the same sign), there being a give way sign facing you means that you were the one in the wrong. And that is why your report was declined and you have been told by the GM that you were wrong. I'd do the same, if I'm honest. Would be unfair to ban the other player in this situation.




    I hope this answers your question.


    P.S: I highly recommend you don't drive faster than 90 KM/h on country/narrow roads such as that one. Also reduce your speed as you approach intersections.

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