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  1. After spending all of the Saturday with my family and sleeping throughout all of the Sunday (seriously, it's 11 PM and I just woke up minutes ago), I come to the forums and find this:



    Holy molly! O.o


    Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes @Spat91, @Ay?ntap Log I ?afak, @Samito_BG, @LegendArrow3, @verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG), @MattTM, @DJFrontier, @FBTC Raphael-BR, @[CHN] Kirl_Pilot [GD/YX], @MINHPHAT, @-AV-, @ALLIANCE Jean M. 49, @China-leitinG, @MikeOG, @naeemeshu, @Killua // Ireland ^_^, @NeonLeon, @Athir*, @Total EDM, @The_Falcon (that was a really awesome kite!! o3o), @JudgeNellie, @Tuna_, @VampireOfSnake, @Soryn Official, @Vatan Lojistik l OsmaN, @[DHH Owner] DRAGON, @-XCE-, @David Edson, @Joao Rodrigues, @[TPH] John, @Merengue4ever, @SharpVTC - SamSharp - CEO, @CHRISTINA and last but not least, @Kid Fabi!


    Whoowee!! I think that should cover all of you. XD Fun fact, by the way... May 26th is my birthday but it is also my anniversary as Truckers MP staff! Yeah, I got my first promotion and joined TMP as Trial Support on May 26th, 2017. It was both a surprise and a birthday gift at the same time to have the chance of helping the community from the inside. :D Not long until my 1 year anniversary as Game Moderator, now!


    Thank you so much all of you! dragonhug.gif?1 Happy trucking! 

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    2. NeonLeon


      I joined the team the day after my birthday as Trial Support.. so almost the same here :D

    3. DJFrontier


      Tamo junto Tio Mike, mas ainda quero o bolo! :truestory:

    4. v8Smokin


      You're welcome! :) 

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