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  1. Weather has been quite hot, lately. I have a small fan next to my bed at my feet that I use to blow fresh wind on me when I'm sleeping so I can remain cool and comfortable. The fan died last night. I woke up uncomfortably sweaty. ;-;

    2. ALLIANCE Jean M. (SP-BR)

      ALLIANCE Jean M. (SP-BR)

      Mike, it seems that everyone in this world will die "melted" because is very heat, especially in Brazil. A nearby city was predicted to reach 40 ° C (Ribeirão Preto-SP). Lately I sleep with the fan at full speed but it blows more hot air than it refreshes, but it's the only option for many of Brazilians. :( 


      It's a terrible feeling of warmth.

    3. Positivetrucking168


      Hot temperatures are the norm in Brazil, as most of the country has a tropical climate, so yes it's always hot there, and the high humidity is what makes uncomfortable nights. 

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