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  1. I thought about remaking that old video about keyboard steering but it didn't turn out as I had planned so instead of scrapping it I edited it as a playthrough and here it is. Enjoy! :D



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    2. antrax737


      I'd blame the talking, explaining stuff and not paying attention to the road, it happens ;) tho u might be right, cuz i guess brakes are 100% or 0% with keyboard.

      What I hated about keyboard the most is air simulation + braking, i used to tap S key to slow slowly slowdown, (used to drive with AWSD as i was used to it from shooters) and when i came to crossroads I would normally run out of air. Not able to move I had to skip first green light as i had to refill air for brakes to unlock, fun times xD

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Yeah, the talking does influence a lot in the attention factor. Especially for me since I am not actually used to do talking when playing games. It is very distracting to me. That's why I often "tumble over" some words, can't remember some and sometimes even lose track of what I was saying. It's not that I am an idiot, it's just that I am trying to concentrate on the road. XD You can tell the difference on the opening disclaimer. That talk went flawlessly. But then again, I wasn't playing anything when I recorded those lines!


      Yeah, keyboards are binary. You either apply the brakes at 100% of force or you don't apply them at all. There is no middle ground. The service brakes alone are not the best thing if you want to simply slow down so I workaround this issue with the usage of the retarder and the engine brake to slow down and then the service brakes when I have to stop. Sometimes I use the trailer brakes, as well. Mostly when I feel the trailer is causing the truck to lose control, though often I forget those brakes exist and end up not using them when I'd need to (such as in this video). The air pressure can indeed be an issue with keyboard braking. I used to have that problem as well but then I figured that I could simply turn off the air brakes simulation. May take away a bit from the simulation aspect, but it's best than being stuck in place and unable to move until the engine can build up air pressure again.

    4. antrax737


      So the talking wasn't the reason for the fail :P

      Yea I turned off air brakes simulation too, until i bought g27... lets end discussion here as the post is kinda old now and i don't have much more to say :P

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