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  1. FireFox is overrated. Internet Explorer is rubbish. Opera is not as good as it used to be (popular opinion). Microsoft Edge is limited to Windows 10 and you are tired of Google Chrome. Then I recommend Vivaldi. Almost the perfect replacement for all browsers.

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    2. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      I use Chrome, but it can use alot of ram if multi-tasking e.g. uses more than 1gb of ram for 10 tabs.

      Firefox is about the same as regards memory usage but can be a bit sluggish.

    3. Forraz


      Firefox for me was super buggy, it didn't show videos and showed my desktop instead, it crashed and took 5 minutes to load a video even with 2gb / 16 gb ram used. Chrome was crashing a lot so I am not using that either. Avast SafeZone is working for now for me :)

    4. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      Safezone is actually a decent browser, I've used it once or twice but it lacks addons and plugins.

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