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  1. I am thinking about streaming something, later today. I am already "scheduled" to stream some art over at Picarto, but that's more of a thing for my Deviant Art watchers (followers). Right now I am talking about some game. Due to reasons I won't mention what they are, my intention is to do a Truck Simulator stream. As such, pick what you'd rather watch:


    - Just driving in American Truck Simulator

    - Doing GM work on American Truck Simulator

    - Just driving in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (regular map or ProMods)

    - Doing GM work in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (please don't pick this)

    - Another game entirely (pick one from the list below):


    > Rocket League
    > D'LIRIUM
    > Them's Fightin' Herds
    > Doom
    > Horizon Chase Turbo
    > Garry's Mod
    > Alan Wake
    > Left 4 Dead 2
    > Wolfenstein 3D


    1. DerAmpelmann


      Doing GM work in Eur— :kappa:

      Nah, Rocket League

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