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  1. You know... From all the game streams on YouTube that I have done this far (which haven't been many as of yet, as I am just starting to get into it), I couldn't help but notice that the ones I have announced here on the forums are the only ones that gets an unbalanced amount of dislikes, such as these three most recent ones:






    Now then, that leads me to the conclusion that whoever these people are, they are certainly reading this post. Which begs the question: Why? :thinking: 


    Please do not be afraid of any sort of retaliation. There won't be any (there can't be any, even if I wanted. It's just literally impossible). I am not upset or anything, after all what matters to me is the views, I just honestly want to know why are you, well... in the lack of a better word... hating my streams, so much? Am I doing something wrong? If so, tell me what I should do to improve! I am open for suggestions and constructive criticism. I have just started doing this, after all! Is it the content that displeases you so much? If so, what would you rather have me play? I am open for suggestions, you know. Or are you disliking my streams just for the sake of giving a dislike? Don't be afraid to answer me why you dislike my streams so much. You can send me a PM. I won't bite. Dragon word.

    1. BloatedHook302


      I'll think they nothing but snowflake that go around and disliking every content. It doesn't mean they gonna stop us for doing or putting out content but the fact is, how many enjoy your stream or content. That what bother the most. So continue what you're doing if that work out for you. If not, then don't gave you're hope up. We all here and your fan will support your stream and content. I hope that help your suggestions.

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