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  1. Last Sunday's TMP Grand Prix Championship was a blast! And as usual, I've recorded some of the best moments, from the first race to the final as well as the end celebration. And the video is now up! Enjoy! :)





    Here's last year's:


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    2. DerAmpelmann


      Aye, it's a nice song I hear. :D



    3. KaitanFox


      The one time racing is allowed on the Truckers.MP servers. Looks like great fun though, how do you get to do it?

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It's a yearly event, @NotSoFancyFox. A few days prior to the date of the event, sign ups are made available for users interested in participating. There are some requirements they must meet, though. If the users who sign up to race meet the requirements, they are entered in the championship. Stay tuned on the site for new events! https://www.truckersmp.com

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