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    Birmingham, United Kingdom
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    I Love Driving In TruckersMP. I Would Love To Serve And Protect The Roads Of ETS2MP.
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    Germany: Dortmund
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    English And Arabic.

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  1. damn havent used this in years

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Used what the forum or game servers, i suggest taking some time to read the rules & make sure you understand them as a lot has changed! 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Omer150


      Pretty much both lol

  2. Thank you soooooooooooo Much
  3. Oh all right, how can I join? @Anriandor ^^^^
  4. Hey @El1teZombiezHD , Whenever I try to join, it says your not whitelisted?
  5. Thank you for the follow mate <3

    1. Omer150


      No problem. By the way, your editing and photography work is ace! 

    2. Aestrial


      Thank you very much, that means a lot <3

      @Ali / 20] thank you for the follow as well <3

  6. Really good support! :D

    1. Penguin


      =^_^= <3 Thank you!

    2. Omer150


      No probs :lol:

  7. I wonder, who's looking forward to the Overweight Pack for ets2?

  8. Chilling with @KhaosHammer_BF @Firefighter3861 :lol:. Upload pictures later.

  9. What steering wheel have you got? I have a Logitech G25. Some of you may not even have a steering wheel, but have mouse steering, keyboard or a joystick! Well you can still tell me what brand you use! Hope I see a lot of replies :D.

  10. I wonder how many hours you have for ETS2? I have 374, but all together, I have more than 500 hours (this includes the CD of ETS2). Comment below how much you have! :D

  11. 'End of convoy' picture is on top of this post. ^^^ For some reason, I couldn't upload both of them


    Had a wonderful day leading the convoy! The original leader couldn't make it and there was around 20 people so I had to save the day, and lead it myself :lol:.


    ^^ The start of the convoy ^^




  12. This has happened to me quite a lot of times today, but I realised that when your in like a busy place, lets take rotterdam service station as an example, it sometimes crashes due to the amount of people there are in the same place. What I would suggest doing is that if this is happening quite often in the exact place, I would go into singleplayer and drive to a place where you think wouldn't be as busy, for example the hotel. Hope this has helped you. In the meantime, drive safe .
  13. Well first of all, if you go to settings, then gameplay and scroll down to preferred job length, if you and your friend have a similar length, then theres a slight chance of you and your mate getting the same job.
  14. thanks for the follow

    1. Omer150


      No probs :D

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