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  1. I have to work the day after ATS only for 4 hours though

  2. finished Building my new pc imgur.com/a/7vcFL

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    2. outstandinggamer


      @takumi nope mini in a mid

      @TheImaginativeLad yeah it is already overclocked

      and the granola bar was tasty after installing my drivers thanks newegg

    3. outstandinggamer


      Yeah 12.1 inchs and my case only supports up to 12.5 inch cards so it alwas very close.

  3. Anyone have or know someone who has a broken ps3 or blueray player that the disc reader still works i need the laser for a science fair project.

  4. First job interview tomorrow at a gorcery store(kroger) a little bit nervous but atleast I lnow people that work there if i get the job.

  5. Just bought two new volvos http://i.imgur.com/l61aQFg.jpg

    1. outstandinggamer


      Wish it didn't crash when I turned on my engine

  6. In the process of making myself a VTC website to get ready for ATS.

    1. Afrousel


      ... which comes out in 2020 ;v

    2. yahhoow


      Send me a PM if you need any help!

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    2. ZuLynx
    3. outstandinggamer


      Sad thing is that it crashes when i turn on my engine ai had to teleport to get a good picture

    4. Guest


      Why... Just why XD

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