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  1. Movvy

    New Game Mode

    ooh awesome! would love to hear how testing on a live server with more people on would go
  2. Movvy

    Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    bright yellow
  3. Movvy

    Now 4000 Player Capability in Europe 2 Server.

    it could be a test.
  4. any F1 fans out here watching monaco GP?

  5. Movvy

    Reputation Levels

    Its always good to see effort to improve the quality of posts!
  6. Movvy

    Best Acceleration in Trucks with normal Cargo

    comming from someone who tested most trucks extensively (except the mercedes) scania accelerates quickest to 100 kmh,volvo is quicker near top speeds. for heavy loads scania is actualy also quicker (it simply has better gearing).I remember doing the 125 ton challenge trough mountaints,where others in volvos were doing 8 km/h on the steep parts i was doing 9-10 km/h. ofcourse on no point its a huge diffrence (except top speed and getting to higher speeds of the volvo is decently quicker then the scania.
  7. Movvy Released

    was waiting for this,thank you!!
  8. Movvy

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    realy cool! Would be perfect if there was a picture of every trailer (i dont know the names of trailers )
  9. Movvy


    I think this topic will be of help for you
  10. Movvy

    visibility blinkers

    Hey guys, after a long breake of ets2 i noticed the new scania truck. but during tuning of it i noticed the visibility of the front blinkers of the exclusive lights is pretty bad.(atleast on my gfx options) anyone else having this issue to or has maybe a tip on wich gfx settings theyre more visible? I could see accidents happening with this online where people simply dont notice the blinkers.
  11. @scarface0359 geen probleem @[S.PLH]Warrior inderdaad in de subforums.
  12. Hey ik merkte op dat de in-game regels en forum regels link niet werkt in het nederlandstalige forum. ik krijg de volgende error:
  13. Movvy

    what has happened duisburg road?

    i was standing in the traffic jam yesterday for about 10-15 mins.anyway i dont complain,adds to the realisme and always fun to socialise on such moments. and iguess watching trolls doing derp stuff and then getting banned is also a sort of amusement.
  14. Movvy

    No Jobs in the Freight Market

    ^ yup it seems like ats is having issues with this atm. every few freights im having this issue