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  1. I want to get into modding this year and well i'm a noob so have a few questions, but here's just one of them. 


    Would I be able to use Soildworks and convert the files into SCS format for modding. Blender - i'm tragic when it comes to it.



  2. Suggestion Name: Speed camera pictures

    Suggestion Description: When the player is driving faster then the speed limit(which is a lot form me) in EU2 or Asia past a speed camera, they would get a picture sent to their steam pictures folder. It would be the picture of the players truck, and the speed they where going
    Any example images: No

    Why should it be added?: So it's more real, and that when the police gets added. they would chase you for no reason unless proven.

  3. What if I put the suggestion like this:


    Suggestion name: Increase drawing distance

    Suggestion description: Increase the option of drawing distance to 1 km or more. Default setting would be lower and players with better PCs are able to increase the setting. This way everyone can enjoy the game with different build PCs.

    Any example images: -

    Why it should be added?: Other players' trucks appear too late in long straights making the game look unrealistic. If there was an option to increase that distance, gaming experience would be better without out of nowhere popping trucks. 

    Be my guest :)

  4. ^ That could possibly work. There would have to be a limit to it (to how low it can go), as trolls would use it to there advantage to reduce the viewing distance to little, then they cannot see where they are going. People who want realism, could have it low, and people that don't really care about realism, could turn it up high. With a bit more thought, this could be a possibility.

    Maybe instead of kicking the bad people..maybe ban them for 1 hour

  5. I guess when you mean View Distance you mean the Draw Distance? If you mean the Draw Distance it's into the MP tab settings which has a slider so for those people who have good PC's they can draw it even futher 1KM like the OP said instead of 500m only. So you can't really say "it will cause lags" when this option is not a prefix but there is the option for the individual player already.

    My have the slid bar to 2km...as even 1km makes it look like ghost traffic

  6. Not Good Idea at all because That would increase lags


    I don't want any lag on my high-end potato. -1

    Then dont rive in europort XD :P



    120 kp/h + on country roads?! Where's the realism then? 

    EU2 is Spped way heavn..might as well put my 720 hp volvo and 620 v8 scania to good use :P

  7. Suggestion NameIncrease player rendering distance 

    Suggestion Description:Increase player rendering distance. There is a slider for this in the setting but maybe have a option for more then 600m.
    Any example images: Nope.
    Why should it be added?: For people that have good PC'S will be able to set the setting high and for people with lower end PC'S they should be able to adjust to the setting that they want. Like I said in the description. I know their is a slider, but make the range higher.


    Please read this clearfully that it's a slider so it can be adjusted.

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  8. you can use older save 1.21 for new update 1.22 but you cannot use 1.22 for 1.21 

    you have to choice much older save and you will lose some gameplay if you scroll down

    if you ever played on 1.21 then it must be listed way under 

    Ehh, I'll just wait :)

  9. that is possible , if you into steam right click on ets2 go to properties go to tab local files and choice first option browse local files

    that is the map you need when installing multiplayer 

    I think this is more a SCS problem then MP. This is what happens when I downgrade ETS


  10. ^ Do you get any error messages? Have you played single player with the new version? It might make your profile safe files incompatible with any of the earlier versions causing problems in downgrading. In this case your profiles are actually effecting the problem in downgrading.

    Yes I have tried everything 

  11. Profiles shouldn't be effecting downgrading/upgrading so do not create new profiles or lose any important folders. If you have followed the downgrading instructions correctly, but the version hasn't changed see if you get any error messages while downgrading. When your game version is downgraded you have [temporary_1_21] text next to Euro Truck Simulator 2 text in Steam library.


     Common error when downgrading is disk write error. The download quits nearly finished and you get error message of a disk write error. To try fixing this you need to reinstall Euro Truck Simulator 2, but before doing this remember to copy your ETS2 profiles.

    I done this 5 times before 

  12. Very good guide, I used to have my own VA (Virtual airline) so VTC is similar. Also for team speak you can do it form your own, pc. By settings up the ports and hosting it from your pc. However this only works when your Pc is on and you start the sever. 

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