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  1. It was a simple permission issue when we accepted you, it wasnt setup correctly, this has been resolved so you will be able to access the forums restricted areas
  2. well almost a week after version 2.0 launch and its looking good, below are a couple of screenshots from our live tracking system
  3. well almost a week after version 2.0 launch and its looking good, below are a couple of screenshots from our live tracking system
  4. yay 1 Million users
  5. we have rules in place that works for us, you violated a rule on our site where you had to supply the screenshots with the TAB menu open, this is our definitive way to know that your job is multiplayer, in which you questioned our rules this is why you were removed, you should read rules for a website before questioning them.
  6. the Job Logger is only going to be available for GlobEx drivers, the program wont work unless you are a trucker in our Trucking Division. We have been working real hard on the application, iv'e only got maybe a couple of weeks left of integration's and so forth, then it will be released to GlobEx. In the future we may release a public version, but i have not decided on that just yet. Here are some screenshots of what the program looks like in gereral - i have done some modifications to the UI. https://globexhub.com/blog/globex-job-logger-the-reveal.14
  7. you are more than welcome to apply, but our employee manager decides if he feels you would fit in.
  8. thanks, very have done alot of work to get it to where it is, and its only getting better with the introduction of the live telemetry system via the Job Logger and out high end graphs, all being deployed over the next few weeks
  9. GlobEx Gaming Community About Us: GlobEx is not just a TruckersMP Virtual Trucking Company! We are an international gaming community, with members from every corner of the world. Beside ETS2 and ATS, a wide range of games are played within the community, including but not limited to: Rocket League, Farming Simulator 15, Kerbal Space Program and many more. Trucking Division: Our Website Developers and Founder have built a sophisticated Trucking Management System which we call TRUCKnet. This management system is an integral part of the VTC, where drivers are able to log and track jobs automatically. The TRUCKnet system includes: Job Logging (manual / auto) Company statistics Driver statistics and records Driver Awards and Trophies Download portal (convoy profiles) And many more…. With the launch of GlobEx to TruckersMP, we are introducing our newly developed Job Logger system. This system allows you to track your position and truck telemetry in real-time to our own servers. This telemetry is displayed in the Job Logger application and also on the TRUCKnet, no page-refresh required! We are using the best-of-the-best of ETS2 telemetry trackers. Beyond this we employ some of the systems that major websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube use to show data on screen. Requirements: If you would like to join GlobEx Gaming Community, we welcome you! However, we do have a few requirements. Minimum age: 16 years old Language: Fluent English, other language groups will come soon Game Time: 50+ hours on ETS2, if you have it. Game Time: 50+ hours on ATS, if you have it. - (updated 18/12/2016) Ban History: no serious bans on TruckersMP or Steam within the last 12 months If you own ETS2, you must also own the “Going East!” & Scandinavia Expansion pack. (updated 08/10/2016) Attend scheduled company convoys regularly Originally we were an Australian / New Zealand based company, but over the last year we have been growing fast to become a global company, so Starting in January 2017 we are splitting the Trucking Division in two zones. Each zone will be running two convoys per week; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. In total, the Trucking Division will be running four convoys per week. New zones/Convoy Times: EU/NA Zone - 17:00 UTC Click here to convert to your time zone by Add Another City to the list. Oceania/Asia Zone - 04:00 UTC Click here to convert to your time zone by Add Another City to the list. Global Convoys are not run weekly! They are special one-time events designed to allow as many Drivers in the Division to join. They will be run at this time: Global Zone - 06:00 UTC Click here to convert to your time zone by Add Another City to the list. If you would like to join, please head over to our website https://globexhub.com and signup, then fill in the application form to join the Trucking Division. NOTE: Applications posted on TruckersMP forums, Steam Group, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, etc. will NOT be accepted. You MUST submit your application through our forum. Get Connected! Website: https://globexhub.com Teamspeak: ts.globexhub.com Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/globexhub Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlobExMediaTeam Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1025869247458732/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxJoAayfuimiJz4hn9SxsCQ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/globexmediagroup