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  1. +1 TBH, I have not noticed this in-game I guess that is why the front end of Scania's appear black for me. I have not invested in either DLC but I just might now knowing that trucks may not have lights. I will keep an eye out now.
  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome tool. I often want to drive a particular route, but even with all skills, I can't find a type of load or the route I want. Thanks!
  3. The truck itself is an amazing feat on Tesla's part. It is looking like it will be quite the expensive truck, figures are saying something like $400K, but that is only an estimate. If that figure is correct then it may not be an alternative for most companies. But if it is more in the range of $250-$300K that may be a whole different game that can significantly change the whole industry. The truck can go some 500 miles on a full charge at highway speeds, also with the correct charging station, it can charge 400 miles in 30 minutes supposedly. I am hoping that Tesla can make this truly work, but if this only turns out as an attempt to change the industry that is enough to be successful for me. I look forward to what is to come.
  4. I look forward to trying this out!
  5. I am in the process and starting up a VTC, I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row before I start and I look forward to what this opportunity will bring. But don't be surprised if you find me driving on my own, that is where I can get my thinking done.
  6. I joined up December 1st, 2014. It is crazy to think how long I have been enjoying ETS2MP.......oops I mean TruckersMP. TBH, I still call it ETS2MP. I wish I was more active on the forums then than I was now. There is a great bunch of people online here!
  7. With the amount of players online during the afternoon and evenings I think reports help trim down on the number of trouble-makers. Thank you Team and Upper Staff for the work you guys put in, we wouldn't have the unique community and experience without you all.
  8. What a happy looking team! I hope to setup a VTC as successful as these guys. There is so much good that can come from creating a VTC and seeing the results of a successful VTC are truly rewarding. Awesome post, I look forward to more of these updates!
  9. I don't think it would be fair to implement something like this. sko is right. I spend a lot of time in Scandinavia and France, beautiful DLC by the way if you don't have it yet, and I can tell you that most if not all drivers I encounter are very considerate. I dread my transfer drives from DK to FR because of the Channel coastal towns, I try to stick to the highway when possible.
  10. Any addition to the visuals of a ghost mode player would be beneficial, I am in and out of the game often due to my internet connection and I do by best to get away from the road when I enter the game. It might also be beneficial for those who are leaving the game to pull off and be considerate of those around them pre and post departure.
  11. I am a Volvo driver myself, but that new gauge cluster looks amazing. I especially love the startup animation! I will certainly be driving this truck when 1.30 is released and supported online.
  12. 1.30 is awesome! I am personally a Volvo fan but the new Scania's are absolutely beautiful. That new gauge cluster is magnificent! I love the startup screen! I am also a huge fan of the latest DLC they have put out both France and Scandinavia, I love driving on those roads, I am looking forward to even tighter, windier roads in the Italia DLC to follow 1.30. I can not wait to get on the road with other players online!
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