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  1. Update

    Issue has been solved.


    Solution (in my case): 


    Add the entry " ocsp.digicert.com" to the host file (%WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\) and save it after giving yourself write permission here.

    After that, it worked for me. Now I could also remove the made entries. 

    Credit also to @_3X3C for the IP addresses. (Thread)
    Why this was suddenly necessary, I don't know either. The host file is only rarely needed today. Well, it works - at least for - now.



    End of Update


    english and german - i can understand both. 
    Just to let you know, since I tried every single step I found here on the forum (and more) I opened a support ticket as well.


    basic stuff

    I am connected to dsl via cable (no wifi)
    did it work before the fresh installation of windows / ets2 / truckersMP? Yes, like a charme & for years.
    installed: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit > up2date
    GPU: RTX 3080 ti + 980 GTX
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2640
    RAM: 32 GB DDR4


    After a fresh windows-installation, i can't log into my account anymore, after starting the game via truckermp-launcher.
    Before i tried that, i entirely new installed the launcher as well as the game.






    I have already tried the following steps:


    • Launcher always started in admin-mode
    • reinstallation of TruckersMP + ETS-2 (at truckers mp folder in roaming and appdata removed)
    • no mods are used
    • 3rd-party anti vir I do not have
    • firewall disabled
    • start ETS2 to set start with DirectX and 64 bit


    • reinstalling TruckersMP (incl. searching and manually deleting every TruckersMP entry in the registry)
    • Router reboot
    • Other network used (mobile hotspot from cell phone)
    • DNS-Chache cleard via flushdns
    • Verified game data via Steam
    • Checked if any frameworks or redistributables are missing (not the case)



    • gpu drivers are up2date
    • PC time syncronized
    • autom timer of the PC deactivated and set to manual
    • PC time set to time of game.log creation from ets2
    • C:\Windows\Temp\WebCache as well as C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache do not exist
    • nbtstat -r



    • netsh int ip reset
    • netsh winsock reset & restart
    • Since the folder iNetChache does not exist, created a temp folder under app data > local > microsoft > windows and moved the location temp. internetdatein there

    dcomcnfg > right click WMI and properties > access permissions > gave all accounts access

    • switched network from public to private
    • .net framework repair tool executed
    • netsh interface ip delete arpcache



    • let program communicate through firewall
      • both truckersmp-launcher exe's
      • squirrel
    • Run all things on netAdapter Repair AlinOne
      • Release and renew DHCP adress
      • clear host files
      • clear static ip settings (enable DHCP)
      • change to google dns
      • flush dns cache (again)
      • clear arp/route table (again)
      • netBios reload and release
      • internet options - Clear SSL State
      • Set Network Windows Services Default


    Maybe i will try it on a new user account later this day.

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  2. Hey guys, here is a short question:


    Are the spawn-times from the "spawn-log" (documents-folder) set to UTC-time? (utc-0)

    I ask, because i live in germany - and if this times are sticked to my system-time i have to consider that when reporting.



    Thanks in advance,




  3. ###Guys - JUST download THIS archive and this "damaged archive"-thing is gone###







    (and better learn to read the posts in threads and dont just get to the last page telling "ive a problem"...)



    Or repair it:


    Start Winrar   > browse to the Package-Destination   > rightclick and choose "repair"  > "handle as zip" and choose "ok"  > then try to extract the appeared "rebuilded" package


    Just to say it, downloading from the link above should be faster for a newbie trying repair...




    Prey to me guys: http://ul.to/42uhmoxn

    (dl it from a spammy youtuber -.-)



    Futju, thank You very much !

    I get file from your link, downloaded ok, uninstal old verzion multiplayer, instal this version, upgraded main Game from 1.12 to 1.14 and now works fine.


    You are lifesaver (nigthtsaver :D ).


    Thank You !







    Have problems with typing in the "@" on the LogIn-screen?


    Just tab out to windows, type in youre email-adress somewhere, copy it (mark the whole adress, then press "strg + c" or right click and choose "copie"), tab back to ets 2, choose the Email-input field and press "strg" + "v" (same time)




    @Max Power - how the god should reinstalling of ETS 2/MP-mod fix this problem, which only complete sticks to the archive? Please be carefull with youre tips and dont waste anybodays time for nothing. If you read the last pages you realize, that youre not the first member with this (uneffective) proposal - many users tried this before without success.

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  4. Futju, thank You very much !

    I get file from your link, downloaded ok, uninstal old verzion multiplayer, instal this version, upgraded main Game from 1.12 to 1.14 and now works fine.


    You are lifesaver (nigthtsaver :D ).


    Thank You !


    No problem mate, searched also for a solve and played now the last 3 hours. Have a nice ride and maybe lets see on the roads :).

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