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Status Updates posted by Futju

  1. Starting my tours for today. Feel free to join ;).


    #RespectRules #English/German #AllDLCs

  2. Guys, i do one or two tours in a few minutes. Feel free to join ;).


    #EnglishOrGerman #RespectRules #AllDLCs

  3. Anyone outthere who wanna Drive and Talk together in a few minutes?


    #RespectTrafficRules #English&German

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    2. Prototype


      I can do TeamSpeak

    3. Futju


      Ok, cool ;).

      (Watch your PM ;) )

  4. Anyone around, who wanna drive a short tour now?


    #respectTrafficrules #English&German

  5. Searching for one or 2 mates driving around with me.

    German prefered, english also possible. All DLCs installed here.


    #withCargo #respectRules 


    1. Futju


      Would be great @Anriandor ;). Lets see, when we can meet together.

      (tomorrow only in the evening, around 10pm UTC+1).


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