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    Hello there! I'm Henrique and I usually play ETS2MP on EU2 Server, talk to me on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/gameramante or Discord: Mante#6275 if you'd like to play sometime.
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  1. Hello everybody, after the today's update (Saturday, July 27 2019) my game constantly freezes and the audio is crackling a lot. When I launch my game using the TruckersMP client it begins stuttering and the audio keeps crackling as if I was running the game at 10fps. I linked a video bellow showing the problem. This happens ONLY when I launch my game using the TruckersMP client, if I try playing singleplayer it works just fine, no audio crackling nor stutters. I played ETS2MP yesterday (26 July), for over 3 hours and I had no problems, it was working fine. So, I am assuming this is a problem caused by the today's update. Changes I've made to my PC Yesterday (July 26) after I was done playing ETS2MP, maybe it could help solving the problem: - Removed Java 32 bits from my System - Reinstalled Java 64 bits - Reinstalled Nvidia Graphics Driver - Installed Git Then, today, I was about to start playing, I launched TruckersMP client and noticed there was an update available, I updated it and noticed the problem right after getting in the game. What I did after noticing the problem: - Reinstalled Nvidia Graphics Driver (Clean installation using DDU, I thought it could be a GPU driver problem since yesterday I updated it using Geforce Experience) - Reinstalled TruckersMP (two times) - Reinstalled Euro Truck Simulator 2 I also noticed on Task Manager when I launch TruckersMP it keeps sending error reports to Microsoft, if you need any log file I'm here to provide but keep in mind I reinstalled my game and the TruckersMP launcher twice so some log file might be gone. English is not my first language so sorry if you find grammar errors, Have a good day. TMP Client
  2. I'm not much paying attention on ATS, but I can't wait to drive through the Baltic countries on ets2!
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