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  1. i can understand some wanting the mods. i play the game with none to start.. even SP. but if these "Local Mods" are making others be effected and ofc you wouldn't notice but if others are being lagged / crashed over it then it needs to go.. stop going max speed and "Drive" and it be fine... enjoy trucking with others
  2. MapleEvo


    So i don't have this Super PC but i've noticed a Drop when playing the latest Update to MP.. Singleplayer i have no issue with FPS. it never Drops one bit... online getting near trucks, or city's and my FPS goes from 60+ down to 35 or below (Big citys) but i only have a Radeon R7 200. its not a big drop but its a drop. but my friend has a bigger problem. he has to 980's in SLI and he goes from 80+ to 15 fps... sinlgeplayer he is over 100+ like normal... what changed in MP that is killing FPS? if there is a setting to turn down to stop it let me know... A month ago when we played we Never had these FPS drops and they only happen in MP
  3. crash with drive like 3.. LETS hope 5 doesn't do it.. servers are getting empty
  4. New Launcher push drive = Crash.. STILL NOT FIXED!
  5. launcher. doesn't work... i can't connect to update servers. my friend can start ATS but crashes when he pushes drive... GO BACK TO that launcher worked for ATS.... been playing all day off and on no crashing or anything..
  6. now now tyler that's a bit harsh. i will say Thanks @Kat_pw for getting it to work! Zmaster i'm just going to pick on you for this. just being funny at less trying to be but when will Tanks be here
  7. MapleEvo

    MP Launcher

    wish it was the old way.. it was more stable... start game with launcher. crash in garage. tried again.. crashed when starting truck, then when i put it in gear crash.. got down the round and almost to the Repair shop crash... Giving up for the night lol
  8. hmmm i though it was funny.. guess he forgot a bug
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