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  1. Spawn problems..


    1. IpilkAlaus


      In ETS2, that's 100 percent damage to both and possibly a kick/ban :troll:

    2. Fulgura


      "But, the floor is lava :("

      MAN on top is banned. (Well, this sentence was weird)

  2. ^ Probably it will: '...We are now working on adjusting the tuning parts and elements from the various ETS2 content DLCs to make them compatible with the new trucks...' A fresh truck is always good. That information display looks awesome.
  3. ^ No. You have to do the delivery from OR to ten different countries, to OR from France.
  4. ^ You'll need to deliver cargos from/to France to/from other 10 countries. One time is enough. E.g. after you did one Paris to Germany delivery, you can go to Austria, or Switzerland, or Italy etc. and deliver to France from there.
  5. Fulgura

    Speed Hack

    750hp Iveco Stralis Hi-Way, çift yakıt depolu 4x2 şasi, 12 vitesli şanzımanla Odense-Kobenhavn-Malmö hattında, 15-16 tona kadar herhangi bir yükle hiç yorulmadan 171km/s hızla gidebiliyor. Hızlanmayı hiç ölçmedim ama 5-6 saniyede 60'ın üstüne çıkıyor gibi. Aynı konfigürasyonlu -sadece tek yakıt deposu var, o da sanırım 400 litre civarı, boş haliyle maksimum menzil 1800km- MP3 kasa Actros'la da durum hemen hemen aynı, hatta Iveco biraz daha hızlı. Speedhack ile karıştıran çok oluyor, ama değil işte.
  6. Log book is a nice feature. Too bad I can't play any game for a long time. Good job SCS!
  7. Yup, 1,28 update has come, just two hours after my gtx 560 had burned. THANK YOU PC GODS.

  8. FPS katili krom DAF'lar geliyor. Tek renk DAF yapabilmek güzel olacak ama.
  9. I see doubles everywhere but I couldn't find one for myself. I'm aware of that the trailers can only be used in Scandinavia, and I have to choose double trailers before choosing the job. Can someone tell me why?

    1. Fulgura


      Alright, I'll look for it. Thank you.

  10. Valla -steamspy sitesine göre, o da son iki haftalık değerleri gösteriyor sadece- oyunun en çok satıldığı dördüncü., en çok oyuncu çıkaran birinci ülkeyiz (yerli ve milli trollerimize teşekkürler). Oyunu oynayan toplam oyuncu sayısının %15,93'ü Türk. Ama öte yandan Kapıkule'den 130km/s hızla direkt Türkiye'ye geçmek diye bir mevzu gerçek hayatta yok, sonuçta ticaret anlaşmamız olsa bile Avrupa içindeki gibi serbest değil. Ayrıca Avrupalı bir oyuncu Türkiye DLC'sini ne kadar isteyecektir, Türkler satın aldı diyelim, Avrupalı ve diğer oyuncular ne kadar satın alacaklar, dolayısıyla yapmaya değer
  11. Well, I don't like to be in EU2 again, the server is too unstable for my connection, approx.+-40ms ping changes in seconds are too much (even my pings aren't the best already, 85ms is the lowest). I hope things will get back to what they were and cars will be back to EU3, don't want to sell my car, it has 70k on it and I like to use it much. Oh if they didn't come back, well, I have to say goodbye to it, unfortunately. IMO, being in EU3 is better than being in EU2, even without cars. Just waiting for the final decision.
  12. Wrong, there's EU1 for that, why are you not there, then? You'll get trolling trucks instead of cars, nothing will change, trolls gonna troll. I better use my car and travel all roads for achievement, then I'll get back to EU3.
  13. So, if I want to keep my car, I have to go to the hellhole (EU2) or to the sandbox(EU4)? Is this situation permanent?
  14. @Alex [ITA] you'll need this: It's a nice addition, not too related but made me remember the random wrecked-rolled trucks on the side of the road in old WoS series maps. A little weekly update for weather and events on both game maps would be nice. Like rain on here, clouds on there, 2 lines blocked somewhere on freeway due to construction-accident etc.
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    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      "Oh my cat jumped on my keyboard"

    3. Fulgura


      Even a Scout destroyed in there. That's a rare sight.

    4. Penguin


      Normally the other way around :P 

  15. Want to get back to J-Spec on MP. This was my last J-spec a long time ago, and on SP of course.
  16. Too many good news in short time. Almost like, too good to be true.
  17. +1. ETS'de Majestic'le bıraktığım kariyerime aynı tırla devam edecek şekilde başlamıştım.
  18. More than one pivot points from SCS? That's good. I hope BDF range is the next plan!
  19. I hope they make some details with less poly on the SLT trucks. My pc could'nt handle the Actros-Arocs SLT mods because of their very nice detailed extra machinery behind the cab.
  20. Make an agent Scout skin, and then they can join the fun too!
  21. Üçünüz de hatalısınız, net. Admin: Cümleye gel. Adam terste duruyor, sola kırılsa nolur kırılmasa nolur? Sen: O hızla oradan geçilmez. Karşı taraf: Bariz hatalı yerde bekliyor.
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