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  1. do you have security software installed? cause some softwares prevent ETS2:MP from connecting to the servers. I have Norton 360 and it prevented me from connecting, i had to change some settings in the firewall to allow the game to communicate with the servers.
  2. is it a brand new game that you started? i.e. no owned truck?
  3. yea i agree with your second edit. ive seen a lot of articles on the obs forums and windows 10 forum about OBS not working properly. i dont believe it is a ETS2:MP problem, i believe it is a Windows 10 problem...!
  4. *shiver runs down spine* not another snow mod type deal D: seriously hope it aint like that tho... but the snow mod is also a separate mod you can get for ETS2 SP anyway.. so maybe theres hope!?!? doubt it tho LOL
  5. do you think they'd give us a download for the dual trailers for Singleplayer??
  6. Im not entirely sure if this is related to help or not, but I have been really interested in the new dual trailer system the has been shown off recently (shown here by mwl4 & KacaKTV) and i was hoping that we could get a download or something for SP after/before/at-all. I know you've said it will be released into MP after the Scandinavia DLC is released but will it be available for SP at all? Thanks in advance, Josh_Plays_
  7. Good Job you guys! Is the snow shown in the previous post in this update as well?? if so that would be sweeeeeeet!
  8. Great to hear! Super excited to get cameras set up again! Its cause your game version is probably still the demo! Update it to 14.2 and it should work! i had the same problem.
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