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  1. I'm considering getting a radio station for my virtual company (Heavy Haulage Hub) since I'm Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Head of Social Media (HSM). The company cannot afford to pay for a service so we need a free, online, decent quality one, easy setup, talking available, hopefully with them covering music licencing costs (otherwise we will only legally have rights to play confirmed non copyright music from 3rd party's. (This tends to get boring!))


    Any help is appreciated, and I'm looking forward to any responses.

    - Rhys


    P.S: No Viruses, Malware, Ransomeware or bad programs. Thank You.

    1. TruckerTom94


      Hi Rhys

      That's quite an impossible thing. (pretty much)

      You can pay very little for 'all in one' type shoutcast & icecast server but things like this are very up and down with reliability.

      In addition to this they do not cover anything in terms of licencing that is required to broadcast music. (that's not non copyright sound)

      Running a radio station as i know is expensive and time consuming. PPL & PRS are required if you want to boradcast.


      For something like you are describing i would personally suggest maybe a discord or teamspeak music bot such as SinusBot

      Either that or This website you can get icecast type servers that are for podcasts more than music steaming


      If you would like any more information then pop on the EuroTruckRadio Discord and either i or someone else on the team would be happy to explain.


      -Good Luck & Have Fun


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