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  1. I'm considering getting a radio station for my virtual company (Heavy Haulage Hub) since I'm Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Head of Social Media (HSM). The company cannot afford to pay for a service so we need a free, online, decent quality one, easy setup, talking available, hopefully with them covering music licencing costs (otherwise we will only legally have rights to play confirmed non copyright music from 3rd party's. (This tends to get boring!))


    Any help is appreciated, and I'm looking forward to any responses.

    - Rhys


    P.S: No Viruses, Malware, Ransomeware or bad programs. Thank You.

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    2. LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      try ustream.tv but the downside to this is there is no auto DJ but you can broadcast games & use it for radio purposes, also this does include ad's unless the pro version is brought and only 1 channel can be created, so if your looking for a no-ad's radio for free don't use ustream because you will not be getting those features. :)


    3. Beefy32659_YT


      @SXH CEO TruckerTom @LSTVTC Bradleyj307 C.E.O Thanks for the feedback. It's a shame that it's unlikely to be possible. I've been thinking this but do you think YouTube would allow us to stream NCS and use it as a radio? Just a thought I have been having.

      - Rhys

    4. TruckerTom94


      You would need to use a bot to stream it such as sinusbot which i linked before or dabbot for discord. if u need help with that then pm me via discord TruckerTom#7476 ;)

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