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  1. Why I can't load the reports page? http://prntscr.com/mnu0f2

    1. Flindix


      Open the page in a private window (also known as incognito mode) and see if it works.
      If it does then it means you need to clear truckersmp cache and cookies. ^^

  2. why is it still snowing? i have deleted the snow mod at ets2mp folder http://prntscr.com/min6f4

    1. BGST-typhoon2013
    2. Rev.


      Turn off seasonal effects on the TAB menu.


      This should disable the snow effect and replace it with the standard rain effect.

    3. BGST-typhoon2013
  3. Screenshot_25.png.b2461a41c81a3c2cb8ba51b8ca722da3.png
    I was taking heavy cargo and this is happened. Heavy cargo not available at this season?

    1. kultrex


      It will not be supported in MP why? Cause most of the trailers take more then 1 lane, and the issue with escort vehicles added part of the script of the ....Pffft.........Nvm, just me mumbling:huh:

    2. BGST-typhoon2013


      Yes. A dozer trailer..

  4. New updates incoming??

    1. -XCE-


      No new updates.

      If you would like to use the winter mod, please follow:


  5. How to add ribbon to the trailer??Screenshot_8.png.e0609e6ca2489408591b824360a8f1d1.png

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Glada_Laxen


      That's interesting. :rolleyes:

    3. Samiz [FIN]
    4. Glada_Laxen


      You can also go even further and be cool like me B) 

  6. What's new in truckersmp  updates?

    1. DesertEagle26


      Night enviroment came yesterday for Hallowen events

      if you're talking about other things, please correct me.

  7. Thank you, but it is allowed to pull double trailers at C-D road?
  8. Is it allowed to pull double trailers at C-D road?

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    2. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      oi, dont steal my thunder! xD


    3. ScaniaFan89


      @DJ Jefferz I see what they did there, it wont work though as people will simply find new places to block with them in protest as has happened anyway. People create road blocks if you drive calais to dortmund avoiding brussel! 

  9. Can't wait for the new truckersmp update:ph34r:

  10. Yeah man nice to meet you, greeting from Indonesia! :ph34r:

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