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  1. Hello again.. Well in my other pc it works. I update ETS2 by Steam (the scandinavian hot-fix) updated the ETS2MP and it works. Cannot understand why it doesn't work in the other PC have to try to investigate a little more... Thanks for all the feedback and held
  2. Hello Thanks again for the quick answer. The betas were not activated and I tried to run as an administrator with no luck... :| This issue occured only this time.. with this new updated. I had played ETS2MP before maybe the last time was a two/three weeks ago. I have another PC with ETS2 and ETS2MP installed I later I will try and see if it works there. In this on I just uninstall ETS2 completly and ETS2MP. Then I install ETS2 and then ET2SMP with no luck... the same error occurs... I did not mention before I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits
  3. Hello thanks for the quick answer... I had already tried that... But I tried that again and no luck ... :|
  4. Hello I just tried to install, reinstall, remove and install again the ETSMP Alpha but with no luck. I'm getting the error "Cannot Validate game Version" when I click on the icon The game was updated (probably the Hot Fix Update and Scandinavian License Plates) today when I opened steam (I do not recall when was the last time) and the Game Version is I read in other thread to open the 42850 port on router but no luck. Any recomendations? Does the ETSMP create any log file I can check to try to troubleshoot the problem? I do not have the new DLC the scandinavia one Thanks for the help in advance.
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