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    New Reporting System

    I'm going to start this post of with a apology if it has already been suggested before ( it probably has ) but I did search before posting . The current system as is , is not great and i will highlight a few issues I have found with it . I believe the report section should be visible for all to see on the forums . There is no way to defend yourself , If you believe you were in the right you have no way to upload evidence / screenshots in your defence as you don't even know that you have been reported , If it was on the forums you have at least some chance to defend yourself . Appealing the decision should be handled a lot faster by staff IMO ( Before people have a go I get that staff are busy and they give up their free time to handle these and I appreciate that ) as by the time it is appealed you're ban is probably already over . Having a different Staff member other than the one who originally banned you handle you're appeal , this in my eyes is very biased and it would be welcomed that a fresh set of eyes look at it also .