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  1. 2 months .... its gonna feel like 2 years
  2. I personally like Renaults. Blame Squirrel for all the Renault hate.
  3. You'll love it, just got mine, and it is such a game-changing experience.
  4. This is it for me, lost all hope in the Dev team.... A moderator said about 2 days ago ''We are almost ready, just ironing out the bugs and testing it out.'' Now it is released... HA yeah right you tested it. when you tested it, are you blind? did you not see the trailers driving themselves??? there are (as many other players have found) much more bugs, than previous versions, in this version. I hope this is sorted out soon.
  5. Wow Amazon pushed the place holder from Feb to August... They will release it when its done and polished (I personally believe this time next year we will see a release)
  6. Personally, I think they should get a perma ban as they are imitating staff.
  7. They will, its only for Scandinavian DLC though.
  8. Nope, they are still very much un-synced. Other than that, good job and thanks again for bringing us this mod.
  9. Yep, coming into Rotterdam, I constantly crash (tried 5 times now to get into Rotterdam). Well looks like I wont be playing Multiplayer anytime soon now.
  10. Yep as Usta said above With a clean new install of ETS2MP (and selecting to download only multiplayer no winter mod) it still snows. (FYI i uninstalled the previous version of the mod.)
  11. Yea they must realize that not everyone wants the snow mod (mainly because its annoying, for me anyways) Hope this can get fixed on the new release they may release soon
  12. Mod Version: 1.3 Controllers Used: keyboard Description of Issue: When the winter mod is not active, it still snows. How to reproduce: Dont use winter mod, log on to MP. Screenshots / Videos: (Snow drops appear)
  13. Yea update your GPU drivers and that should fix the issue.
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