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  1. Just a wee bump - If you're attending please visit the ETS2C Link! https://ets2c.com/view/84499/itsmeerken-catanzaro-service-station
  2. Just a wee bump - If you're attending please visit the ETS2C Link! https://ets2c.com/view/84499/itsmeerken-catanzaro-service-station
  3. Route planning will be commencing over the next few weeks, make sure you sign up to the ETS2C page so we can acquire a server! https://ets2c.com/view/84499/itsmeerken-catanzaro-service-station
  4. Looking for event staff, apply via our website - http://mentalhealthconvoy.xyz
  5. Alliance Transport are proud to announce that we're hosing a 24 hour convoy, to raise awareness for YoungMinds. Mental Health affects a good 95% of our population, if not the entire population at some point in your lives. It's becoming more apparent that children are suffering with mental health conditions that are increasingly getting more and more concerning. The NHS itself is badly funded as is, so support for children, especially these days really isn't that good. Mental Health organisations such as Samaritans primarily assist with those over the age of 18, but as stated above, cases involving children are beginning to take its toll. The suicide rates throughout 2019, and 2018 alone were higher than the average amount, with Children, and a lot of the cases were either through neglect from their families and bullying. It's time that we, as a community helped to put a stop towards Mental Health, and help put funding towards making life just that little bit easier for our younger generation. This event itself, isn't just about children, although the YoungMinds charity is dedicated to helping young people, but we're aiming to raise awareness to people all over the world, no matter what age, gender, orientation, or background you're from - Mental Health has no specific appetite, it can strike at any point in your life. Ask yourself - Are you okay? Ask your family - Are they okay? Ask your friends - Are they okay? If you notice something out of the ordinary, or see someone acting a bit different than normal, ask them if they're okay, you never know you might just make their day. Event Details The details for this event are as follows: To book a TruckFest slot, please visit http://mentalhealthconvoy.xyz/requestslot.html VTC's and Groups, please note that you require 5 or more drivers to attend the TruckFest. Public parking is available for those not wishing to take part in the TruckFest, but would like to watch it. Please mark your attendance for this event by visiting - https://ets2c.com/view/84499/itsmeerken-catanzaro-service-station Visit our Discord for further information on this event - http://mentalhealthconvoy.xyz/discord Thank You!
  6. HTML, CSS, JS, PHP I'm working on the following frameworks atm Laravel & CodeIgniter!
  7. I love the Renault T, It's ugly but it's got a nice design to it!
  8. I say add a variety of different cars into the game, would be good to see more of a variety of cars!
  9. Fantastic work that you guys put into the maps etc. Really useful!
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