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  1. Huge Congratulations, Frosty! :wub:

    1. Frosty.


      Thank you! 

  2. Good Morning! :ph34r:

  3. Goodnight! :ph34r: did some slippery deliveries today! :troll:

    1. Sentinel_


      i delivered a caravan today and i feel goood.

      good night! :D 

  4. Zombiez

    Speed Limit Suggestion

    I've thought about it and to be honest, the best option is not to do this for varies of different reasons.
  5. Congratulations, Neon! I'm a bit late, I know :wub:

  6. I somehow missed your promotion, Congratulations! :wub:

  7. Goodnight, TruckersMP! Hope you all had a great Saturday! I went to Cineworld today, watched The Upside, it was great. It had Kevin Heart!! :)

  8. Hey KIKI! Where the daily kittens at? :thinking: :lol:

    1. JJay


      KIKI is very busy and he've got a lot of things to do ^_^ 

  9. Goodnight, have a wonderful sleep and an amazing weekend! :)

    1. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      Good Night. Thanks mate, you too ;)