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  1. Calling out the trolls

    My personal view is that the mod has gone downhill over the last few months. More trolls than ever, less efficient admins in game, rules not being properly enforced and its not just in game. A lot of the time, if there's a thread on the forums calling out the issues, threads just get closed because the powers that be don't like to deal with issues that arise.
  2. We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    Personally, I don't have an issue with the /fix command. If people don't want to use it then they only need to NOT type it into their text box.. Dead easy.
  3. Scania Streamline 730 V.8 8x2 run just with 144km/h?

    You can go even faster than that if you go on, say, Need for Speed, Project Cars, F1 2017..
  4. Solution if you don't like the /fix command: Don't use it. Couldn't be easier.
  5. If you're looking for a company who do weekly drives, various trucking challenges, different divisions with different targets and a group of great people to drive and game with, Stobart Trucking is the place to be. Feel free to check us out @ https://www.stvtc.co.uk/
  6. ETS 2 In-Game Respect

    Just do as I do and drive on the assumption that everyone who drives near you, is going to be a Muppet. If they don't act like a muppet, they've already exceeded your expectations. If they act like a muppet.. Well.. You already expected it.
  7. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    Bloody pointless.
  8. Highest speed in a truck

    Not sure what the fascination is with driving pedal to the metal bat out of hell NASCAR speeds when this is a TRUCK driving simulator, not Formula 1.
  9. I use a G920 steering wheel + TrackIR 5.
  10. Hopefully this round of updates for ATS will actually be supported by multiplayer this time..

  11. Wintermod Released

    I've personally seen better quality winter mods out there that could have been used.
  12. Released

    Will TruckersMP be updated to support ATS v1.29.1.17?
  13. If you ever want to see how Stobart Long Haul do their thing, follow me at https://mixer.com/Calbert where I stream most of our convoys! Feel free to drop me a follow to see when I'm active and streaming!
  14. Do You Save Fuel?

    I did a job from Limoges to Stockholm the other day in the DAF XF 106, with the mid lift chassis configuration, which has a fuel capacity of 700L. Managed to get there using 610L.
  15. Feel free to drop by and watch me cruise through Italy!