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  2. Is ets2:es still alive?

    1. George - #24S

      George - #24S

      i wish it was


  3. Haulage64 has 50 confirmed participants - let's hit 100!



    Haulage 64 is, as the title suggests, 64 hours of pure convoy excitement. Designed in 2015 to be a charity marathon, it quickly became a popular event within the community, raising £3500 for cancer research in 2015. With the success of last year, we had no choice but to do it again in 2016.

  4. Have a look at http://truckers.events for a new way to share your convoys, meetups and truckfests :D!


    Read more on the post

  5. ETS2:ES - Police preview video at

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    2. bestgolfer86


      The interiors are unchanged, although I'm trying to custom model a few of my own vehicles including an airport fire vehicle like the one at http://ets2es.16mb.com/fire/airport-fire-and-rescue

    3. ThisIsAlex
    4. bestgolfer86


      Thank you both for your interest!

  6. ETS2:ES Preview (2) at

    1. Tandre


      Awesome - but how about the interior? :)

    2. bestgolfer86


      1st person? Sure, I'll try to include some footage in my next one :)

  7. ^It's done by editing the sprite image and others with any software you want (GIMP 2 is free and pretty extensive). The images are in the 'ui' folder of the folder you extract your Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer downloads to. UI Pack name: Frosty Creator: Pitsy Font used: default Made for MP version: Also changes the (90) speedlimiter image to (110)! Download here!
  8. Hi scania970 The video shows the potential for the suggested front flashing headlights for the ETS2MP police car. Sorry if this is not appropriate. You're probably right though, there's little more to say on my suggestion so I won't reply on this thread anymore to stop it bumping to the top. I'll move to off-topic discussion where its more suited now! Thanks Update: Moved ETS2:ES discussion to this thread
  9. I'd really appreciate any views of my first ETS2:ES video at

    - thanks!
  10. ETS2:ES if a bit off-topic here but it is still in closed Alpha, I'll put up on my website when its public!
  11. Nice skin - I've skinned the London ANPR interceptor too! I'll upload my video later of the sirens, skins, customisable lightbar, side & grill lights I've made XD That's the plan for the moment. My ETS2:ES mod is not intended to be supported in ETSMP due to the other 3rd party mod dependencies it has, its solely for single player at the moment. The suggestion was just for the vanilla flashing lights for the admin police cars when introduced.
  12. Nice idea, although I do fear it would just be bypassed, e.g. if "potato" was on the blacklist; p-o-t-a-t-o potat0 potat-o [email protected] etc.
  13. I'm working on mod for simulating emergency service vehicles in ETS2 - hopefully it could show the potential for the ETS2MP police car! You can see more at my website if you're interested!
  14. I agree, getting the car stable in game first is probably a good idea. Thanks for the support too!
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