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  1. I know this is a very repetitive question but I was wondering if the team is planning on releasing the mod before Christmas or very soon this year? I really like it being released early and it gives the game a season feeling. 


    Thank you 


  2. Suggestion Name: Add a Snow Plow mod to ETS2MP



    Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, when the winter mod releases I love it to look like actual winter.

    So since the game is based around trucks it would be cool to have the snow plow implemented but with some minor tuneups.

    Here is the mod: https://ets2.lt/en/snow-plow-2/



    Better textures and detail.

    New beacon slots.

    Plow height moved down to make it look like its actually scraping the ground.

    Compatible on only Volvo and Man (as is currently) 

    Make the plow size similar to the picture below.


    A side blade would be cool too

    decrease height for salter. 

    Not be allowed to attach trailer while mod is enabled on truck

    /plow drop

    /plow lift

    (commands for raising and lowering plow)

    2 different plow texture heights are loaded for each individual command, based on what command you enter.


    Why should it be added?

    It should be added because it will add another simulation aspect to the game. It would be cool when driving to see a snowplow "clearing" the road with all its beacons on. Should be released at the same time as the winter mod.

    Thanks for reading my suggestion.



    I will try to make minor improvements to the mod.


    Just a suggestion, so leave opinions/additions below.


    Warm Regards



    P.S. Glad some people agree :D







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  3. Hello, recently while browsing the forums, I noticed in some signatures of people's, they have a little tags that tell last time they were online in steam and their discord server etc.

    Anyone know how to get them and if so, tell me?

    Thank you!




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