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    The Rules; Ramming

    Saying "sorry" doesn't fix how you drive or damage. I honestly don't care if they say sorry, unless it's a really(and I mean REALLY) minor accident.
  2. RebeccaMurdock

    What's your dream car?

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat...its a beast on the road and beautiful looking car
  3. RebeccaMurdock

    Favorite truck brand poll

    Scania in my opinion has the best looks and has pretty much the same amount of max engine power as Volvo when driving it.
  4. RebeccaMurdock

    [GIVEAWAY] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198163716698 - I saw Squirrel do a video on it and was immediately interested. - The idea of playing with fellow truckers and enjoying the game with them. - Definitely a partnership between SCS and TruckersMP.
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    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  6. RebeccaMurdock

    Where are you guys from?

    South US..Lone star state
  7. RebeccaMurdock

    Which server do you prefer? and why?

    EU 2, It has enough players to where if you're in the main section of the map you'll always see someone. Sometimes I feel lonely on other servers...
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    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  9. RebeccaMurdock

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  10. RebeccaMurdock

    Which DLC do you recommend?

    I already have the going east and scandinavia DLC. However, which one do you guys think is the most beautiful, diverse, and unique dlc? I dont want to end up getting a dlc then wishing I had gotten another one. Thanks!
  11. RebeccaMurdock

    The game is breaking

    This has happened to me as well. It doesn't show a message or even that you've been disconnected, the other players just simply...disappear. However, the times that it has happened was when I was using mods. In this case, I was using the no damage mod. When I disabled it, I didn't get disconnected.
  12. RebeccaMurdock

    4200 on #EU2 Server

    I love more people. It can help fill up empty parts of the map, and especially the C-D road, which I don't mind.
  13. RebeccaMurdock


    The deliveries have to be over 200km. Are you sure that they were all more than 200km? I know some are like 130km or something near that.
  14. RebeccaMurdock

    Real Operations V4- Overview

    I'd like to share my opinion on the real operations event that was hosted today. I wasn't there the whole time, but I was there enough(1 hour) to be able to review it. I decided to go the route from Los Angeles through El Centro. I was excited, and couldn't wait for what kind of events they had planned. I was extremely disappointed when I went through the whole route without a SINGLE event. The only thing exciting I saw were other truckers and some tumbleweeds. Where were the "realistic events" that were supposed to happen on every route? I was frustrated when I arrived back in Los Angeles without seeing any event. I can't believe that I wasted my time, driving on roads seeing virtually nothing when I was promised realistic events. Maybe this was fixed after I left, I dont know. Needless to say, I wont be attending these events anymore.
  15. RebeccaMurdock

    Restricted speed to 150km/h

    Speed restrictions were added to limit the number of accidents. Naturally, the faster you go the more chance you have of crashing. Someone speeding 200 km/h down a road can wreck very easily into someone else. Hope this helps.
  16. RebeccaMurdock

    European 2 server

    While that would allow more people, it usually means more lag for most. Not to mention more people on C-D road
  17. RebeccaMurdock

    [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    I'm in! I was looking to buy a game that I wanted.
  18. RebeccaMurdock

    Real Operations V4- Overview

    It shouldn't work that way, then. It doesn't make sense to have a route with nothing in it for the first hour or so.
  19. RebeccaMurdock

    Your High Speed? and high speedy truck company?

    i like the volvo 750hp for high speed. I've gotten (i think) around 110 mph?
  20. RebeccaMurdock

    ATS Traffic Lights

    Yes, most of them are the same for everyone. If you see a red light, more than likely everyone else will. Why they are pushing you, probably because they are impatient. In MP hardly anybody waits for red lights, especially with nobody around. Hope this helps.
  21. RebeccaMurdock

    What sport or sports do you do?

    I go biking once in a while, used to play soccer and stuff.
  22. Just wondering what y'all thought of Tesla's new electric semi truck. If you haven't heard, Tesla unveiled a new ELECTRIC semi truck. Some videos are on youtube from last night's event.
  23. RebeccaMurdock

    Did you buy anything during the Steam Autumn Sale 2017?

    the winter sale is much better, lower prices and more games that are discounted
  24. RebeccaMurdock

    What's Your Winter Like?

    hahaha only 1 time its snowed in my 15 years of life and it wasnt even real snow its texas so what do u expect
  25. RebeccaMurdock

    Opinions on hacking/hackers and their punishments

    lol most of the hackers arent even caught and banning them for 1 month or 3 or however many that isnt infinite just solves the problem for that amount of time... why get the same punishment for hacking as you would for blocking??? two completely different punishments but one is worse than the other. i just think its crazy that you can use the ultimate hacks and get 1 month if its ur first time getting caught. of course alot of times its permanent, but hackers should not be given second chances. ramming and other stuff is completely different because it doesnt involve downloading clients just to do the specific violation.