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  1. Scania in my opinion has the best looks and has pretty much the same amount of max engine power as Volvo when driving it.
  2. Your profile pic looks meaner with some lights on it, i like our uk police cars but that just looks angry6zPgC8F.jpg

    1. RebeccaMurdock


      thank you...im in love with chargers :love:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Wish we had chargers here :unsure: they are such nice cars :love:



      lol no


      uk are better

  3. This has happened to me as well. It doesn't show a message or even that you've been disconnected, the other players just simply...disappear. However, the times that it has happened was when I was using mods. In this case, I was using the no damage mod. When I disabled it, I didn't get disconnected.
  4. RebeccaMurdock


    The deliveries have to be over 200km. Are you sure that they were all more than 200km? I know some are like 130km or something near that.
  5. Speed restrictions were added to limit the number of accidents. Naturally, the faster you go the more chance you have of crashing. Someone speeding 200 km/h down a road can wreck very easily into someone else. Hope this helps.
  6. Am I satisfied? I guess not, since they didn't help. But I already contacted thrustmaster to see if they can help. If you're asking to close the discussion, go ahead.
  7. Thanks to everyone, I'm pretty sure it is the wheel, as even with windows configuration it is doing the same thing. I will contact thrustmaster and see if they can help
  8. hello all, not sure if this is the correct section but here we go: I have a thrustmaster ferrari gt vibration cockpit 458 and it seems to have issues turning this is both with ets2 and ats, when I complete a turn it freaks out and jerks to the right causing me to crash, im forced to turn the wheel completely to the right in order for it to (recalibrate?) fix itself. if anybody can help that would be great. thanks in advance
  9. You can reduce shadows, as that causes lag. If you have a'lot of mods, remove some, as they reduce frame rate as well. If that does not work, you may just need a better laptop. Good luck.
  10. Maybe decrease your steering sensitivity? I am not really sure what you can do, although it might be the truck itself that is the problem. Maybe try doing the same thing with a Scania, as I heard Volvo's do not have good handling.
  11. Are you talking about MP or SP? In MP, you cannot reduce the amount of trucks, as they are real people. In SP, there are mods which reduce the traffic and there are some that completely get rid of the traffic. There are ways to increase your frame rate, however. You can reduce graphics, or just simply avoid high traffic areas. Hope this helps.
  12. Thank you, I read the guide mirko posted and it helped. Thanks to everyone else who provided solutions.
  13. I have been driving for about 5 minutes, when my game crashes. A message pops up that says "An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash log to developers?" This has happened since last week, after I downloaded the update. Let me know if you need any more information.
  14. I reinstalled ETS2, and it finally started working! Thanks to everyone who helped.
  15. I do not have the crash log, and I will try reinstalling ETS2.
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