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  1. I dont have this DLC...i crashed because others use this DLC so now what need I do? wait when its fixed or I can do something from myself what is fixed this bug?
  2. Haa

    Crash game

    same probleme,me and my friend, I crashed after accepted a job and picked up the trailer...my friend crashed lot of time half time in road
  3. Haa

    Company how?

    Ohh sorry ...now I know everything thanks
  4. Haa

    Company how?

    thought?ohh i know now, but I want to creat a real company ingame which have company paintjob,employers etc. how to do this?
  5. Haa

    Company how?

    so If admin accepted we can do our job?
  6. Haa

    Company how?

    but Only this? i create the company invite my friends and everything is OK ?
  7. Haa

    Company how?

    Someone can tell me how to create a company or show me where is the company guide in forum because I find one topic name Companies but there isnt any guide how to create it :S
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