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  1. TFM JogR

    How did you come up with your username?

    all my initials of my real name :p
  2. TFM JogR

    TruckersMP Annual Community Awards 2018 (The Results Are In)

    be nice to see how well Drive For Life does
  3. TFM JogR

    Event server Rules and Requirements need sorting

    Cheetah is right. but adding to what @[TSRVTC]Alexandross is saying. I it was good that police cars where removed because they were just overused and not really needed. it seemed to me when they were a thing people were just making events to use them. but yeah it im 100% with cheetah
  4. TFM JogR

    Which SERVER do you prefer?

    Server 2. More Trucks witch make it more realistic
  5. TFM JogR

    Game Freezing

    Thanks, everyone. it is now fixed. i have tried a new profile and it is working smoothly now
  6. TFM JogR

    Game Freezing

    Hi. I Have Tried all of that. I have even had a computer tech guy round and he says there should not be a problem. every time I login on mp my game freezes on the profiles page for about 10 + mins. I have tried everything to try fixing it but still, nothing has worked.
  7. TFM JogR

    Game Freezing

    My game keeps freezing for about 10 -20 mins every time I log in on mp . This only happens on mp and not single. I have uninstalled both mp and single player and re installed but it is still happening. Can anyone help!!
  8. TFM JogR

    double trailer

    I think 1 trailer is bad enough. Some people can't get out a entrance or turn a corner with one. with 2 trailers it's going to be a nightmare
  9. TFM JogR

    Looking for CCTV angles / locations

    I think We need CCTV in Calais as that can get really busy depending on the time of the day
  10. TFM JogR

    Killua's Photos :)

    great photos
  11. TFM JogR

    Haulage 64 2017 - Wish Granted!

    Great event as always can't wait until the next one
  12. TFM JogR


    good luck with your radio
  13. TFM JogR

    NEW ETS 2 MP Radio

    even if you did make one it costs a lot for licencing and also SCS software's are not excepting radios in game anymore