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    I had a nice trip with @darkneon2002 :D

    1. darkneon2002


      oh nooo you cant see my beautiful exclusive raven paint ! :blink:

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  2. Bedankt voor de like op één van mijn topics :)

    Kan je mij eens vertellen hoe jij jouw nummerplaat van WOT hier opgekregen hebt?

    Grtn, Red

  3. is there any ports i can open up to smooth out gameplay?  my ping averages 40ms with rare spikes to 80ms, most of my collisions appear to be with players outside the USA with pings >85ms(and there seem to be a ton of convoys >150ms, the highest ive seen is 270ms and it was just pointless to drive for a solid 5mins, i had to just log out and let them run their mayhem) 


    this is on the ATS USA server  ive noticed several (UK) tagged players averaging 270 

    1. darkneon2002


      Hello Carolinafrog,


      Ping is effected by the distance from your home to your ISP to the game server mostly and secondly your Internet connection speed and PC's performance can also have an small effect on this. Opening ports is not needed because if the port wasn't open you would not be able to connect at all. So it's only natural for UK players to have a very high ping when playing on USA servers and vice versa. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Kind regards

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