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  1. darkneon2002

    ATS populated route (yes is possible)

    Why would you want to limit your experience in a game to just one area? Enjoy the game to the fullest and drive in the entire map. Creating a route like C-D will in the end become a hellhole just like the C-D route is and Europort was.
  2. darkneon2002

    Dutch Paint Jobs Pack DLC Steam.

    komt wel hoor geen zorgen, alleen heeft MWL erg weinig tijd de laatste tijd
  3. darkneon2002

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    SCS zal Tmp niet snel verbieden maar tot welk niveau... eerder RIP steam workshop
  4. darkneon2002

    chat en micro

    hoi Spellbinder, chat open je met y en voor de micro houd je x ingedrukt zolang als nodig. in het TAB menu zet je je micro volume best op het hardste als je nog vragen hebt hoor ik het graag
  5. darkneon2002

    ETS2 Savegame Editor

    It works, thank you !
  6. darkneon2002

    ETS2 Savegame Editor

  7. darkneon2002

    ETS2 Savegame Editor

    Dunno if it's the beta or the RC but it's x64 for sure
  8. darkneon2002

    ETS2 Savegame Editor

    editing ATS garages will corrupt save game every single time
  9. Er zijn inderdaad momenteel enkele trailers van het Heavy DLC bugged, dit word zo snel mogelijk opgelost.
  10. darkneon2002

    Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    It's a good system, there are just so many useless reports... Don't report accidents but only trolls. And many many reports happen because of too high speeds...
  11. darkneon2002

    YouTube Stream kanaal ETS2 MP

    Dit soort topics is niet tegen de regels dus ga jullie gang.
  12. darkneon2002

    Allow fatigue simulation

    I am 100% against this suggestion, it will increase the chance of accidents greatly in anyway how you look at it and there is no way to avoid them 100%.
  13. darkneon2002

    Do you report a player if he apologizes?

    If it didn't look like an accident I'll report it anyway. §2.5 Inappropriate / Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, ignoring other players and rules.
  14. darkneon2002

    Trying to take a load but its became glitched

    a better workaround when this is an external job, hit F7, ENTER to the repair shop and your trailer will be hooked up. Propably wont work for a market job.
  15. darkneon2002

    Warning sound for AFK kick

    I really would like an option for a sound notification before being kicked. ATS/ETS2 sound also plays in the background so it can help unwanted kicks
  16. darkneon2002

    2 Million Users reached!

    Congrats TruckersMP !!
  17. indien je een vrij recente nvidia GPU hebt kan je de replay functie inschakelen en dan simpelweg een toetscombo indrukken om bijvoorbeeld de laaste 2 minuten aan beeldmateriaal te bewaren, deze dan uploaden naar youtube en de overtreding melden.
  18. darkneon2002

    ATSMP Status Update

    Thank you for the update TMP
  19. darkneon2002

    No jobs after completing a job

    @click4dylan this happens when you take a job in MP and don't finish it and go into SP or the other way around. To get new jobs in MP it's easier to jump to a service station using F7 or fast travel to one of your garages. To play in MP it's advised to own your own truck and garage. If you want this right now and skip the work to your own truck you can use the beginners save found here Switching from SP time to MP can make you very rich very fast if you hire truckers and trucks to work for you, so be careful if this would spoil your fun or use it to your advantage.
  20. darkneon2002

    [SCS Blog] New Event: Grand Gift Delivery 2017

    WoopWoop I'm done !
  21. darkneon2002

    Christmas Paintjobs (ATS&ETS2)

    id rather have them support the latest ATS version...
  22. OMG you quit??? Sorry to see you go mate, have fun and good luck in the future !

  23. darkneon2002

    Wintermod Released

    Thank you and please add the Heavy and physics addon
  24. darkneon2002

    Is this bannable?

    Only if it is proven that you do respawn on the road to cause trouble. But please avoid loggin in/out on the road itself
  25. darkneon2002


    Have you tried enabling and disabling the fatigue simulation in gameplay ?