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  1. hoi Spellbinder,


    chat open je met y

    en voor de micro houd je x ingedrukt zolang als nodig.

    in het TAB menu zet je je micro volume best op het hardste


    als je nog vragen hebt hoor ik het graag

  2. Maybe it's an idea not to have a timer but send the spammer a warning when he gets reported for it a few times (twice maybe?)

    Then if after the warning more reports come in within a given time frame a second warning will be issued.

    If still more reports come in he will be kicked.

  3. I am against changing the EU1 rules, the players there like because we play different there.

    We stop at traffic lights and crossings, we don't just race from A to B

    The mentality there is friendlier and more mature then on EU2


    If any server would be changed instead of adding another the best candidates would be EU3 because only the cars are the difference

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  4. Suggestion Description: Can we keep it at only one ATS server? Do not restart the Amercan server after the security patch.

    Any example images

    Why should it be added?: There is an increase in ATS now that there is more traffic from players there. I'm pretty sure most players like it this way, I do that's for sure.

    We can anticipate on the lag and it will reduce the costs for TMP a bit. When there used to be 2 servers both where very empty and not intresting to drive on, now the ATS server is because you encounter alot more players even in the DLC counties. Please don't reject but allow discussion if not accepted straight away.

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  5. Suggestion Name: Ingame Admin status icon
    Suggestion Description: I suggest adding an admin status icon. When pressing TAB to get the menu there will be an icon indicating if there is ANY admin on duty on the current server.
    Possible statusses would be:
    Green - Atleast 1 admin on duty
    Red - No admin on duty
    Grey - Forbidden for user to see (due to bans received in the past)
    Could also be disabled until you do a few positive reports (report offenders) or a certain amount of time or km's logged.

    Any example images

    Why should it be added?: This way truckers can better decide to make a report in game or on the website or not. This could reduce the backlog when an admin comes online. This might have a positive effect on trucker behavior. Icon could be disabled to players that received bans in the past to avoid them to misbehave only when no admins are online. An admin will only be on duty when logged in and treating reports.


    Disabling the icon once someone received a ban wil avoid using for benefits.

    Unknown/New griefers cannot be stopped or avoided anyway

    But seeing an admin online status will increase the security feeling for the good players.

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  6. Suggestion Name:  EU#1 Full winter mod
    Suggestion Description: Can you please enable all Frosty winter mods on EU#1 ? It totally fits in the simulation style EU#1 is in

    Any example imagesets2_00244.jpg?w=616

    Why should it be added?: It totally fits in the simulation style EU#1 is in. The EU1 players like to simulate and the winter physics the complete wintermod gives will make the simulation more real and disable the arcade crazy horse driving style that's still possible now on the snowy roads.



    Heavy Winter Addon v6.5 (Sharemods 106mb)
    (Adds snowy roads and landscape, place above Frosty)

    Physics v6.5 (Sharemods 18kb) (Makes the roads a little more slippery)

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  7. @click4dylan this happens when you take a job in MP and don't finish it and go into SP or the other way around.

    To get new jobs in MP it's easier to jump to a service station using F7 or fast travel to one of your garages.


    To play in MP it's advised to own your own truck and garage.

    If you want this right now and skip the work to your own truck you can use the beginners save found here


    Switching from SP time to MP can make you very rich very fast if you hire truckers and trucks to work for you, so be careful if this would spoil your fun or use it to your advantage.

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