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  1. just wait until you have to unload one , not coming from the ideal direction and someone is parked in the way and there's a traffic jam. i support gas station NCZ, but if possible on those that can be selected as unloading point
  2. dude real trucks use at least 23l/100km
  3. ok well then I'm sorry but that's not working for ats highway in city limits
  4. I'm not sure but it seems SCS is doing it differently now because there are now many different speed limits in ATS (30/35/45/55/65/70/88). It think it's now per road type and location.
  5. ^ ok let's ignore the 70mph limit. this is a bug as the flyover is in the city zone. but only able to drive 30mph on Highway when game gps says limit 55 or 65 is a bug and should be looked into for fixing. Example city is Reno, there are more though so please move the post back to bug report.
  6. Mod Version: TruckersMP - American Truck Sim MP Controllers Used: Keyboard & Steering Wheel Description of Issue: Cruise Control cannot be set at the max allowed truck speed CC cannot not be set to the allowed speed on some highway fly-overs that go trought a city zone How to reproduce: Go on highway that goes trough a city zone, example Reno
  7. i also consider it a bug, this can cause players to arrive late
  8. enable 2 step authentication in steam, this will make your accounts safest, it will be mandatory in the furute anyway
  9. Or you can both take an external contract/ World of Trucks contract, be sure to not accept any contract before both have the contract list opened on the website. one negative point is that you cannot jump to different garages to start a contract from there, the website does not allow/recognize this! oh and your speed will be limited to 90km/h regardless of your settings and server.
  10. next update will not work in Windows Xp, consider upgrading
  11. a slow pc can cause this "lag" solution would be lowering the graphics settings
  12. put the launcher in your firewall white/exclude list. some firewalls like BullGuard you need to add the launcher on the block list and the disable/uncheck it.
  13. I would think the game day, week and time as it would be the same for everyone?
  14. parental control can block the launcher file, add it to the exclude list. in BullGuard you have to add it to the block list and uncheck it in the block list.
  15. I will do so when I get the results from BullGuard
  16. yes is the same version as in your screenshot. managed to launch once, thereafter not anymore I got ets2mp today launch but it's not starting as ets2mp mod and starts as single-player. I cannot select a server to connect to
  17. it's the standard "cannot validate version, try again" dialogue
  18. already done as I said the previous version worked fine. now that I updated to the latest version less than an hour ago it cannot validate the version
  19. yes I did, previous version worked just fine
  20. cannot validate the version since new update on Windows 10 tried reinstall, run as admin tried 100x yes etc please confirm bug or provide a solution
  21. used to but it often hurts my eyes too much. (my eyes are more sensitive to light then others) besides its full of estetical bugs
  22. check your antivirus logs, it might wrongfully removing it. Be sure to only download from the website www.ets2mp.com
  23. i hope you checked the option to make that shortcut on desktop the second time? make sure you select the correct ets2 steam location C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2
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