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  1. damn thats some commitment @TrademarkGamer
  2. Hyped for new mexico looks like a great map addition suited for ats! Great job SCS
  3. It has already been suggested and it wont happen as it took alot of work to make the scout car and as smoky said its not just pressing a button to change the model
  4. i just give up

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    2. InvasiveSpark  #Wish64

      InvasiveSpark #Wish64

      im not in the mood @Anriandor thanks anyway

    3. Anriandor


      Even though I have no clue what is going on, giving up is never an option since you automatically already lost.

      However, who does not dare, will never win.


      What else will happen when you attempt whatever - the worst thing that could happen is losing which already happened if you gave up  <_<

    4. MJ720


      I assume the exam didn't go well. Could be wrong but like everyone says, no point in giving up. 

  5. Looks like it will be a good convoy, you never know i may turn up!
  6. We look forward to seeing you there @-AOD- !
  7. i would love to try VR but my computer isn't good enough and I can't afford, but it looks great and must add a whole new view to playing ets2
  8. I would say the roads in Norway as a whole as they are all amazing and really do the game justice
  9. @BigLarge we look forward to seeing you there! @bryangullickson The answer will be no due to the scale of the event and we don't want to have any issues that may hold it up
  10. Heavy cargo dlc for ats is out! Time to get a trailer stuck on a barrier like I did with the ets2 one :D

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    2. doorgapmonster


      hhahahaha that's a good one but realistic 

    3. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      i know right. Wish I could get the package but I do not have any money left for the month so yea I am screwed on that one. 

    4. doorgapmonster


      maybe you will get lucky and have a friend buy a copy for you

  11. Personally I feel the current system works very well and the rules enforced are the rules that need to be enforced
  12. Along with the previous post the player base would be too spread out over servers meaning it would no longer be fine as you would never find anyone else while you play
  13. Well done on IGA! Good luck with it and dont ban me :troll:

  14. Congrats on admin! plz dont ban me :troll: