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    Music: Nu Disco, Funk (Brit-Funk, Rare Funk, Afro Boogie), Classic R&B (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis), (Modern-)Soul, Italo Disco (post-Euro Disco), Jazz (Jazz Funk, Swing, Bebop, Soul-Jazz), Freestyle/Miami Bass
    Games: Euro Truck Simulator 2 (since 2015), 18 Wheels of Steel (since 2004, old school pre-ATS also from SCS Software)
    Books: Genre Thriller (preferred writers: Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe) Novel and Poetry (preferred writer: Charles Bukowski from the book 'Laughing With The Gods')
    Cars: '59 to '64 Chevrolet Impala (currently saving for one), '98 Nissan Sunny Wagon (owner since 2021, taken over from my father who had it since the early days)
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    California: Los Angeles
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    Norway: Bergen
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    Dutch, English

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  1. Dear TruckersMP Team,


    Please get rid of that "there are too many players in the queue". If I decide I can wait that long (I am a very patient man you see), I will. Don't tell me I'm not welcome at that server, because I don't want a speedlimit and I don't want truck only servers.. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mircea97


      Must, but it can't .. they decided to open 2 more servers, can't put in one server..  i would keep 2 servers, Eu 1 - without cars 3500 slots, Eu 2 5000 slots just like now..

    3. DrEGZo


      If the limit of all servers was decreased to 1600, and all servers were the same (regarding their rules), the problem would be solved.

    4. Funkenstein


      @DrEGZo Great suggestion! I can't agree more. Will solve the main lag problem (and perhaps the traffic problem) too! 


      @Mircea_CeL_BatraN The limit for #EU2 is set on 3500, not 5000! As soon as 270 players are in the queue, you can't join the server anymore no matter if you can wait that long or not (my point basically) 

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