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  1. Thanks everyone.
  2. Question regarding these HH lowboys The lowbed(boy) is from the origianl heavy haul DLC, but a special transport cargo load has been added within autosave. does this it not comply with the rules? I've been given the heads up to remove the modifications(which isn't a problem), but Im just double checking since i have a lowboy without the jeeps and so on. on the current rules i see no clearly marked assumptions this isn't allowed, 1. its not a bug. 2. Doesnt interfere with the clipping/hitbox) 3. special transport parameters aren't applied. Quick update, the load you add onto the lowboy is invisible, if you try and brush it against a light post it'll go stright thtough.(Just a slight note i forgot to add)
  3. You did a great Job and im sure everyone appreciates it. Maybe the american simulator will have this when its out?, is that possible..
  4. Shame I missed it, no wonder it was busy up there. Just logged out at the wrong moment
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