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  1. Darrell.


    Thanks everyone.
  2. Darrell.


    Question regarding these HH lowboys The lowbed(boy) is from the origianl heavy haul DLC, but a special transport cargo load has been added within autosave. does this it not comply with the rules? I've been given the heads up to remove the modifications(which isn't a problem), but Im just double checking since i have a lowboy without the jeeps and so on. on the current rules i see no clearly marked assumptions this isn't allowed, 1. its not a bug. 2. Doesnt interfere with the clipping/hitbox) 3. special transport parameters aren't applied. Quick update, the load you add onto the lowboy is invisible, if you try and brush it against a light post it'll go stright thtough.(Just a slight note i forgot to add)
  3. when will this be updated, no rush just wanted a heads up
  4. Nice seeing you in phoenix last night, you and cascolls trucks looked clean!

    1. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Yes sir it was nice to see you around again. As for our trucks yes we like to stand out and look professional

  5. Hello sir and thank you for the follow. 

  6. Darrell.

    The story behind multiplayer mod

    You did a great Job and im sure everyone appreciates it. Maybe the american simulator will have this when its out?, is that possible..
  7. Darrell.

    Puncake's Convoy Thread

    Shame I missed it, no wonder it was busy up there. Just logged out at the wrong moment