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  1. yes lock and solve please thanks for the answers everyone
  2. Can anyone help me with the TSE tool? Anytime I make a load or whatever i choose the destination and it’s set at 5km, like always. No matter what the setting... And the load money is always £600, and i have 2 hours to finish the trip. Anyone know a fix? Because this is ridiculous all my loads are late.
  3. Yes solved cabin accessories off helped
  4. Ok so recently I’ve noticed in multiplayer, especially ets2 that when a truck or player comes towards you, on the motorway especially, you get a lag spike, it’s like the screen stops for let’s say 2 seconds. Anyone know a fix or is this a known problem? My connection is good and my pc is high end. Intel i9, nvidia rtx 2080 card etc. It’s incredibly annoying.... it feels the games going to crash..
  5. Question regarding these HH lowboys The lowbed(boy) is from the origianl heavy haul DLC, but a special transport cargo load has been added within autosave. does this it not comply with the rules? I've been given the heads up to remove the modifications(which isn't a problem), but Im just double checking since i have a lowboy without the jeeps and so on. on the current rules i see no clearly marked assumptions this isn't allowed, 1. its not a bug. 2. Doesnt interfere with the clipping/hitbox) 3. special transport parameters aren't applied. Quick
  6. You did a great Job and im sure everyone appreciates it. Maybe the american simulator will have this when its out?, is that possible..
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