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  1. Thanks for this post, it is good to have a better understanding of the situation.
  2. Dang , i took it for granted the convoy was today sunday the 19th ? missed it again..
  3. Nice , been waiting for this one as i missed the Euro truck convoy this year sadly.
  4. Congrats Truckers MP and Thanks. ?
  5. I would have to agree with this 100% , i for one would not have bought all the dlc without the mp mod , single player really does not interest me, just knowing the trucks you see are other people is amazing imo.. even though some of them can't drive to good.. ?
  6. I am disapointed with the long delay getting the update out but do understand that there must be some big problem that needs solving , hope it does get solved though as TMP is one of my fav get aways online now and then. ?
  7. Congrats on this Landmark and most of all thanks to everybody that have made it possible , without it i would not enjoy the game as much as i do. ?
  8. can't even log in now after the restart.. thanks admin! oh well off to Magic Arena i go, have fun those who got in.
  9. My DAF is parked up and ready with a rextex Looking forward to it!
  10. Thanks this is exactly what i voted for, now all we need is Special heavy cargos enabled on the sim server!
  11. So, any word if the Physics are going to be added, the snow is cool and all that but having no slip is a little boring and quite frankly disapointing, as i said earlier in this thread you guys could just add it to the sim server and leave the other servers as is?
  12. Great mod, driving down tight roads is ace hard to tell where the road is at times , can we at least have physics on the sim server as most of the drivers are responsable? (in cab view, trailer min stablility , snow physics ) would = heaven... to me atleast!
  13. Amazing job devs, thank you for this great mod, only problem now is almost everybody has the 8x4... a little unrealistic but hey it is new and its expected i guess.
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