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  1. this is probs the best place to ask really, but my Heavy Haul DLC is not working. Mp and Sp, there are no jobs around the entire map over 24 tonnes. anyone had this issue which might be able to help fix it? thanks
  2. anyone know why i cant see any jobs over 24t weight limit in both MP and Single player?

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    2. Citaro2013


      its active and without clicking on a city, i have the jobs sorted by cargo descending but nothing actually shows up and i purchased via steam.

      had no other issues with other DLC's tho

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Nothing shows up? As in, no jobs at all? If so, teleport to another garage in another city, take a ferry or sleep. That'll reset your economy and sync it with MP's.

    4. Citaro2013


      normal jobs show up yes, just not anything over 24 tonnes - MP i can understand with so many online, but single player?


  3. press Continue Offline - it will still allow you to play MP
  4. The DLC will come to Mp, do we really need to spam this forum with "is it here yet" or "i wish you luck" - let them get on with the process
  5. there will be an announcement if it was
  6. Those with errors, did you try un-ticking the DLC aswell as downgrading? im doing that now to see if it works
  7. anyone having launcher problems? mine takes me to singleplayer

  8. Its ok, i have sorted it. just cant use ATS online until official Arizona release
  9. ^ i have tried every available file in properties and still nothing. not bothered about Arizona in MP at the minute, just default version will do Even ETS2 dont work anymore.
  10. Hi I have this problem after adding Arizona DLC Beta. Do i have to disable it before going on MP?
  11. i was in Poland when got bashed, ban me, cars are a ****** addon. as if people are going to listen and not tak ecars to EP or Rotterdam. Rotterdam was closed other day cus of high traffic, had to go via Euro Tunnel, but people were still going to Rotterdam. Cars are no fun for other players who play "Euro Truck" not "Euro Car"
  12. been bashed by cars in EU2 where admin Phillip as said no cars. every car i see im gonna run off the road........... whats the point in adding vehicles no one is allowed to drive? next will be a truck we cant use or a ****** helicopter.
  13. its ok saying try again tomorrow, but we are told on screen we have an old version and cant play.
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