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  1. A bit about us Spark Logistics is brand new VTC established on 10th of February, this year. We are still new but experienced. It took us time before launching the VTC and setting up different things, such as Website and the Tracker. We will continue to improve everything until we reach perfection. Why should you join us? Currently we offer to our drivers: - Custom Tracker - Windows Application that automaticly tracks your progress when open - Seven Different Driver roles - The more you drive, the more you - Custom API - API which you can use to develop from our Tracker Data - Website/Forum - Friendly place outside of Discord where you can engage with our community - Weekly/Monthly ETS2/ATS convoys - A bit of fun here and there - *Special Convoys - Good environment and friendly people Our requirements: - You must be at least 13 years old - You must be able to communicate in English - You must have genuine interest to join and be active in our community You can apply for the VTC on our website: https://sparkvtc.com/
  2. Not necessary, what will you do with that? If you write a sensible reason, I will state my opinion.
  3. Great idea but I am not sure, there are disadvantages and advantages. I will state my opinion after see others' opinion.
  4. As a developer I can say if they increase that time, it will take more disk space and money. It is hard to hold datas like that sizes, it's enormous!
  5. What a great idea, it's okay from my side. It can be called "Merchants Corner". As I stated above, upvote from my side because it's useful.
  6. Ordinarily, it should be removed but now it shouldn't. Yes, it shouldn't because have a lot of trolls in TMP. There will be a lot of accidents if it's removed.
  7. So, a question came to my mind either technology get in the way of studying or does it help? As you all know technology is getting improved year after year, some of the technology help the student to do his homeworks etc, and some of the technology is only a distraction which could cause him to get lost. Technology gives you access to almost all human knowledge, it also gives you access to unproductive services and social media which act as a distraction. The choice is entirely up to you, every day I learn incredible bits of information thanks to the Internet as I have gained the willpower not to waste all my time spent online on pointless websites like my younger self did. There is enough information out there on any subject that if you spent enough time reading / watching free stuff online you could become a master in that subject like computer programming or even be more knowledgeable about health than a doctor. I would like to take different opinions about that..
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    Botten Box

    You should check that topic:
  9. You couldn't because it is impossible xD + Dad, slow down! There is a scout!!!! You're so honest
  10. Pets are something useful specifically if you are stressed or upset, you can communicate with them if they're well educated, you can have fun with it and play with it some games such as hide and seek and catch the ball, also they can be the suitable thing to deal with if you have nothing to do, and they say that dogs can boost your social life and keep you active and strong. What do you think, every person should have a pet?
  11. You can print and take it from bookshops and stationery shops in Turkey. As I can see as a Turkish, there are a lot of bookshop.
  12. Studying Exam Simulator 2 - StudentsMP Yes, we shouldn't. If there is an emergency situation, kids will be able to drive cars.
  13. Dopaa


    There are a lot of DLC so you have a lot of choice. It depends to you, if you want to drive slowly you can choose heavy cargo pack. If you want to get cool trailers, buy Krone. As I said above, it depends to you.
  14. IRL? Oh. As I said before on Discord, you're very smart.
  15. Always, I prefer Scania because it's cooler and If I drive Scania, accidents would dramatically decrease in SP.
  16. Dopaa

    New Game Mode

    Developing a new game mode isn't easy, you should wait for it. I am sure they are hardworking to release that early.
  17. Anytime. I am really disappointed that this wasn't checked by many, it really did change my life.
  18. Congratulations and good luck :P

  19. What about Scania, Daf and Mercedes? So you should know what to do after a car accident. Yes, you're right. You shouldn't trust everyone and your close friend too. Yes, I agree with you. Friendship is so hard to understand without communities.
  20. The topic subject/title says it all, you will mention the things you've learned from TMP that did help you in any way. For me, I've learned a lot from TMP. One of the most important things is improving my English skills, that did actually help me a lot. When people ask me how I manage to have a decent english skill, I tell them my experience within this game. It's a fact that most of them refuse to accept. As I've read on the recent messages, a great quantity of users learnt that language and that's pretty understandable. TMP is composed of users from a lot of countries around the world, so we're obviously in need of communication. Leave your comments below if you would like to share the things you learned from TruckersMP.
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    Happy birthday :)

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