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  1. ivancro96

    truckersmp.exe doesn't want to work out of the blue

    Right..I feel dumb now. Thanks guys, Rivatuner was the problem, it's always on automatic launch so it was always running, didn't even think about it.. Fixed thanks
  2. I apologize if this is already buried somewhere with someone having the same problem, but I can't seem to find a fix for it at all.. My Truckersmp.exe randomly decided to not open one day, I reinstalled it and that didn't do anything, I then deleted it and ETS 2, reinstalled both and still the same issue, it just doesn't want to open as if I didn't click it at all. Anyone knows what to do? Wait for a new client update..?
  3. ivancro96

    Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

    50% Italy 30% France 20% the rest
  4. ivancro96

    Post your new Scania photos

  5. ivancro96

    What song are you currently listening to?

  6. ivancro96

    Post Your Setup

    Sorry, no pic yet
  7. ivancro96

    Favorite trailer in ATS or ETS2?

    The nice black box Schmitz trailer, or the fake DHL trailer (ETS 2, duh)
  8. ivancro96

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    Trolls might be a issue yeah, leftising at 200kph for example.. Drove for 2 hours or so though around the map, encountered none leftsiding, and I've passed LOTS of players in cars, so either I was lucky or there won't be trolls yet.. I hope there won't anyway, lol
  9. ivancro96

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    Lol this mod is great, diesel sounds a bit off but that's minor thing, petrol is great. Handling is great, it's fast, brakes aren't that good but no biggie. +1 for this, hopefully there will be another model of a car added in the future? Would be nice