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  1. Zyder's post in DLC's for others are BLACK was marked as the answer   
    The only way this can happen is for TruckersMP to buy every person on the game a DLC, which of course, won't ever happen. It's not a bug, and I'm sure in the future something will be done. You can find some more info on this from a previous topic of the same nature -
  2. Zyder's post in Error " Cannot mount required file" was marked as the answer   
    You have said that you have re-installed ETS2, but have you re-installed the Multiplayer Mod, as suggested on the error message.
    Also, try to run the game with Administrator Privileges, or verify the game cache.
  3. Zyder's post in [HELP] you must select a valid Euro Truck Simulator 2 path was marked as the answer   
    Thus topic may be able to help you.
    If not, maybe try to verify the game cache via steam, or re-install, making sure it's to the correct path.
  4. Zyder's post in Hello I need ur help baby (beginner profiles) was marked as the answer   
    You are allowed to download any profile you want and play with it online.
    Alternatively, you can use CheatEngine to cheat money and XP(levels) into your current profile.
    Please note, playing with Quick Jobs online does not work, so you are required to have your own truck when playing Multiplayer.
  5. Zyder's post in Much Money was marked as the answer   
    Hello there @Kamseder
    In multiplayer, the economy is very weird, and for some reason gives you a lot of money when you first begin. It will also not let you do quick jobs in Multiplayer.
    If you use CheatEngine (or any other cheating money method) then I very much doubt that it will stay at that amount for long.
    If you are also struggling to find jobs in Multiplayer, the please look at this guide -
  6. Zyder's post in flag dlc was marked as the answer   
    There should hopefully be a fix for this in the coming days, but as stated above, just disable it for now.
    Regards o/
  7. Zyder's post in Problems with American truck simulator online was marked as the answer   
    Hiya @ger10man52,
    TruckersMP is not yet supporting the new updates and betas. In order to play, please downgrade to the correct version of ATS on Steam (the version you need is 1.2.1).
    If you need help, follow the steps below:
    Open Steam, and go to Games Right click on American Truck Simulator, and direct to Properties then betas When your there, choose the 1.2.1 version or you can choose the 'Opt out of all betas'.  
    If you need anymore help with this, please tell us.
  8. Zyder's post in Skoda Car was marked as the answer   
    This would not be possible, as it would have to be brought in as a mod, and if you have read about this, you would know that TruckersMP doesn't add third party mods.
    In addition to that, it would also require every person in the game to have it, otherwise players games would crash. Plus, if you think about it, if one VTC wants a custom paint job, then all of the other 100's of VTC's would want them as well. This wont be happening anytime soon.
  9. Zyder's post in Can't play with mods that are setup to be played in MP and SP was marked as the answer   
    HI there,
    You have to activate the mod in Single Player first. Load up ETS2 Single player, go to mod manager, then activate the mod. Then find it in-game, save the game and close it down. Once you have done that, load up ETS2 Multiplayer, load up the save, and the mod should work.
  10. Zyder's post in Cars missing in single player was marked as the answer   
    The car is a multiplayer add on, not made by SCSSoftware, so it is not in the base Single Player game. Only in MP.
  11. Zyder's post in Crashing When Starting was marked as the answer   
    The reason you cannot play is because you can't start a new profile on MP. There are several ways on fixing this -
    Make a new profile in Single Player and buy a truck Download an existing profile (click here) Regards.
  12. Zyder's post in Question about game reports. was marked as the answer   
    I would suggest that you take screenshots of both the players tag, and the /pinfo information. A good enough video quality would be important, because then the admin looking at the report can clearly see the players name, and in-game ID if needed/ in-game tag. What I would do is take a small video of the player in question breaking the rules, then include a screenshot of the players /pinfo information, so the admin can clearly see. But yes, a good enough video quality would be important in cases such as reports and such.
  13. Zyder's post in Help about the installation of TruckersMP for Euro Truck Simulator 2 was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you have only ticked ETS2MP, and not ATSMP. If you have ticked ATSMP, and you don't have American Truck Sim, then you wont be able to install it. Untick ATSMP, then try to install it again.(or untick ETS2MP if you trying to install ATSMP) Do remember, the TruckersMP Mods (ETS2MP and ATSMP) are only available on 64Bit windows, so it will NOT work on 32bit.
  14. Zyder's post in 32-bit was marked as the answer   
    ETS2MP and ASTSMP are no longer supported by the 32-bit users. Its 64-bit only I'm afraid. Sorry. You will have to get the 64-bit version to play.
  15. Zyder's post in ATS Check Button was marked as the answer   
    Do you have more than 2hours on American Truck Simulator. You will need to have 2hours on record before you can play the MP version of the game.
  16. Zyder's post in Problem with ets2map.com was marked as the answer   
    Working fine for me also. See what Kat_pw comes back to you with. It may something your end that has gone wrong?
  17. Zyder's post in Reverse/Throttle get's stuck when typing was marked as the answer   
    You cant type while you are driving with a Keyboard. Either change your layout of your buttons, or don't type when you truck is moving. It is a problem across the whole community, but it's not a bug.
  18. Zyder's post in Any way to report player without his Steam/ETS ID? was marked as the answer   
    No. You need to report a player on the forums with either a ETS2MP ID or a Steam ID.
    Go to Documents open the ETS2MP folder open Logs folder It will say log_spawning_ then whatever date its Open in Notepad, and click ctrl + f type in the players username. Copy and paste the ETS2MP Id of that player into the report system. That's the way I find the ETS2MP Id's of players I report.
  19. Zyder's post in Permissions was marked as the answer   
    Make sure the Multiplayer is installed to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2
  20. Zyder's post in Winter mod not working was marked as the answer   
    Make sure to turn on Seasonal Effects in game. Go tab, and make sure the box is ticked.
  21. Zyder's post in Cannot connect to multiplayer server? was marked as the answer   
    Most servers are currently full. It's just a case of waiting for a space to come available.
  22. Zyder's post in No jobs, can't fix. was marked as the answer   
    Because Quick Jobs don't work well in MP for some reason, I would suggest going back to Single Player, and save up your money to buy your own truck. Once you have bought your own truck, then you should play MP. It's not a bug, just quick jobs don't work well in MP.
  23. Zyder's post in CANNOT FIND EXECUTABLE FILE was marked as the answer   
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin - it will in most cases be here.
  24. Zyder's post in New starter cant find 1st job was marked as the answer   
    You can -
    F7 + Enter, then sleep a couple of time (should refresh the jobs market) Reset your economy - follow steps from this link - http://forum.ets2mp....an>jobs</span>/ You also need money to but a Truck. Quick jobs don't work very well in MP, so get a truck in SP, by doing quick jobs, or by taking out a loan from the bank. Then once you have your truck, start MP, and it should be fine. This link may also help you - http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/158-how-to-get-started-in-multiplayer-with-mods-tips/
    Happy Trucking,
  25. Zyder's post in no jobs was marked as the answer   
    You can -
    F7 + Enter, then sleep a couple of time (should refresh the jobs market) Reset your economy - follow steps from this link - http://forum.ets2mp....onomy-for-jobs/ Regards.
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